Students Perform for a Packed Hall

January 4th, 2015
2 years ago

by Sheridan Cyr The CCSU Department of Music held their first of four student recitals Thursday afternoon in the nearly-packed Founders Hall. The event presented ten talented students from the department, each eager to perform the passions that they had spent hours perfecting. The recital featured a number of instruments as well as specialized vocalists, […]


Pretty Lights Concert Review

November 6th, 2013
3 years ago

By Sean Begin A misperception exists about electronic music that since it’s made with a computer and not live instruments, it must not actually be music. In reality, producing quality music on a computer requires the same amount of musical knowledge as does playing a guitar or sax or piano. And when someone like Colorado-based […]

Album Review: Steve Aoki, ‘Wonderland’

January 16th, 2012
5 years ago

By Danny Contreras After years in the scene with multiple collaborations with the likes of Kid Cudi and Afrojack, Steve Aoki finally released his debut album, Wonderland. The album which features many solo artists on its songs is a perfect mixture of club, electronica and dubstep, with sure fire hits such as  “Emergency” featuring Lil’ […]

The Devil Wears Prada Reinvents Itself with ‘Dead Throne’

September 10th, 2011
5 years ago

The Dayton, Ohio sextet known as The Devil Wears Prada released their fourth studio album, Dead Throne, on Sept. 4 for online streaming before the anticipated release date of Sept. 13.

Album review: Godsmack’s ‘The Oracle’

May 10th, 2010
6 years ago

Even though it’s been close to four years since their last album, Godsmack will always be one of those bands that I just keep coming back to. I’m not sure if it’s Sully Erna’s voice or the way in which every song smacks you in the face with a sense of defiance; but their fifth full length album The Oracle is worthy of leaving any Godsmack fans satisfied

FROSH: Quenching Your Thirst for Central Conn. Entertainment – CCSU Not Exactly a Desert

September 1st, 2009
7 years ago

Shocking, I know, but the central area of Connecticut isn’t exactly a hotbed of sizzling entertainment. Still, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to maximize your free time while being a Blue Devil both on and off campus.

Album Review: Beep Beep’s ‘Enchanted Islands’

May 12th, 2009
7 years ago

Beep Beep offered the intense, gripping and mostly satisfying Business Casual in 2004, diversifying Saddle Creek’s roaster with their intelligent, occasionally pornographic lyrics, and frantic experimental garage rock compositions.

Album Review: The Felice Brothers’ ‘Yonder is the Clock’

May 12th, 2009
7 years ago

The New York-based Felice Brothers have truly evoked that “old, weird America” with their newest release, Yonder Is The Clock: that place Bob Dylan and The Band took us with The Basement Tapes, where you can get your meals for free or for a song, where the wheel’s on fire and about to explode, and where the clouds are swift and the rain just won’t lift.

Album Review: Hurt’s ‘Goodbye to the Machine’

May 5th, 2009
7 years ago

Finding quality hard or alternative rock bands in America these days is quite challenging.

Album Review: Metric’s ‘Fantasies’

April 28th, 2009
7 years ago

Canadian indie pop band Metric released Fantasies earlier this year, ending their four-year sabbatical from making studio albums.

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