Pretty Lights Concert Review

By Sean Begin

A misperception exists about electronic music that since it’s made with a computer and not live instruments, it must not actually be music.

In reality, producing quality music on a computer requires the same amount of musical knowledge as does playing a guitar or sax or piano.

And when someone like Colorado-based producer Derek Vincent Smith, better known as Pretty Lights, comes along with knowledge of both styles, an amazingly organic blend of music is created.

Over the summer, Pretty Lights released his newest album “A Color Map of the Sun.” All of his work beforehand had been produced using samples. But in his newest project, Pretty Lights brought in live session musicians to record his own samples. These were pressed to vinyl and used as samples for “Color Map.”

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Album Review: Steve Aoki, ‘Wonderland’

By Danny Contreras

After years in the scene with multiple collaborations with the likes of Kid Cudi and Afrojack, Steve Aoki finally released his debut album, Wonderland. The album which features many solo artists on its songs is a perfect mixture of club, electronica and dubstep, with sure fire hits such as  “Emergency” featuring Lil’ Jon; and “Livin’ My Love” with LMFAO and Nervo.

The album runs at about 50 minutes with twelve tracks, the longest clocking in at 6:53 minutes. Wonderland does not necessarily make a splash with its opening track, “Earthquakey People” which features Rivers Cuomo of Weezer fame. The music in the song does not stand out either; it borders between trance and dubstep without ever truly delving into either. It is a song pulled from techno limbo as the staccato leads do not truly stand out from the bass, and the sampled drums feel to have come from a recording of a garage band, not a techno producer.

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Album review: Godsmack’s ‘The Oracle’

Even though it’s been close to four years since their last album, Godsmack will always be one of those bands that I just keep coming back to. I’m not sure if it’s Sully Erna’s voice or the way in which every song smacks you in the face with a sense of defiance; but their fifth full length album The Oracle is worthy of leaving any Godsmack fans satisfied