Texas Lawsuit Evokes Testimony about ‘Severe Abortion Law’

Doctors said Thursday that “severe” cases of’severe’ cancer were being treated. Texas Medical practitioners are put at risk by abortion laws, a day after women gave harrowing testimonies about how they nearly died due to pregnancy complications when they were refused the procedure.

Ali Shahbizraja is an emergency medicine doctor who testified that the consequences of these laws were severe for physicians. Massachusetts General Hospital

The testimony forms part of the lawsuit against Texas regarding its strict The following are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring someone else The procedure is prohibited after six weeks. Center for Reproductive Rights brought the lawsuit on behalf 15 plaintiffs. Nearly all were women, who claimed they could not receive an abortion in Texas due to serious health risks. The Center for Reproductive Rights filed the lawsuit on behalf of 15 plaintiffs, nearly all women who claimed they could not receive abortions in Texas despite serious dangers to their health.

Amanda Zurawski She told the Austin Courtroom that she had sepsis when her water ruptured at 17 weeks. Doctors said they couldn’t perform an abortion as the fetus was still alive. Her fallopian tube was destroyed by the infection. She may never have children.

The woman who testified about her experience said that she nearly died.

Another woman, Samantha Casiano, became so distressed during her testimony she became physically ill. Casiano vomited on the witness stand as she described being forced to carry a nonviable pregnancy to term, then delivering a baby who died four hours later.

Casiano cried as she told a judge that Texas law prohibited ending her pregnancy even though the baby had a 100% fatal condition.

She said, “I felt abandoned.” I felt that I was unable to cope with the situation.

They were overjoyed when they learned they were pregnant. The joy they felt was replaced by terror and fear when their babies were diagnosed with severe medical conditions that could kill them in utero or soon after birth.

Texas argued in opening remarks that plaintiffs filed the suit because they did not like abortion laws. State Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office, which is defending the ban, argued the women lack standing to sue, saying in a motion to dismiss the lawsuit “none of the patients’ alleged injuries are traceable to defendants.”

The suit does not, however, seek to overturn the Texas Law that was enacted in response to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Roe V. Wade Last year. Doctors who perform prohibited abortions could face fines, imprisonment or even have their licenses taken away.

Instead, it seeks to clarify what is meant by a medical crisis, the only situation in which a woman can seek an abortion at six weeks. The strict state laws do not allow for rape or incest cases.

Texas is home to one of the most comprehensive abortion restrictions in the country.

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