Why Daniel Craig Initially Didn’t Approve Of Billie Eilish’s No Time To Die Song

Why Daniel Craig Initially Didn't Approve Of Billie Eilish's No Time To Die Song

It was agreed that he’d come to the studio on the following Sunday, so on the designated day I got in a few hours before Barbara and Daniel were due to arrive just to make sure it sounded as good as it could. It was as though I was Daniel listening to it. So I spent some time making the mix louder, but not perceptible. The song was then turned up to a very loud volume, knowing the climax would rock the world. When they arrived, Daniel sat down between the speakers and I hit play. Then, I waited for his reply. When the song finished he didn’t look up but asked to hear it once more. Barbara and I had no idea how he felt until the end of his second listening, when he looked up at me and said something like, ‘That’s fucking amazing.’ As soon as he’d approved it the wheels were set in motion and the news that Billie Eilish was doing the Bond theme song appeared everywhere.

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