Where Is Brandi Passante Now?

Brandi, an OG of ‘Storage Wars” is returning for season 15! Check in to find out what’s new and see where she has been!

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Brandi Passante
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Storage WarsBrandi Pasante is back for her fifteenth year on the hit show, where viewers bid to buy storage units that have been repossessions in hopes of scoring a big deal.

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Brandi has been a star for many years. With her former partner Jarrod, she was part of The Young Guns. This popular duo had its own spinoff. Brandi Jarrod and Married to Job. After a short leave, Brandi has returned!

What has Brandi done and where is Brandi now? You’re in good hands.

Brandi Passante: Where are you now?

Brandi left with Jarrod in 2014 for other opportunities. One was their own reality TV show. Brandi and Jarrod, Married for the Job. Although the second series lasted only eight episodes, their relationship was strained due to the fact that they lived and worked together. A break from each other and their mental health were needed. In 2018, the pair broke up.

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Brandi was back in Season 13, but this time as a sole buyer. Brandi revealed at the time Pop Culture She came back to buy because “she was getting bored.” Jarrod also returned as a single buyer, which made the encounters “not pleasant.”

Jarrod is the man who was convicted of murder. Charged with Domestic Violence in 2021. Jarrod never confirmed that this was the case. Instead, it was Brandi who had come forward as a victim.

Brandi also appears in season 15 of Storage WarsAccording to the website of her show, she “Has concentrated her attention on staging her home and storage lockers are a great way for her to find all sorts of furniture and trinkets.” Brandi’s bubbly yet direct personality can be found in the trailer. She says “there is a king new in town” and that she “can’t stop.” Won’t stop.”

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The other side of being on Storage WarsBrandi is a busy mom of two children. Payton and Cameron. She tries her best to keep them out of the spotlight and protect them. Clifford Beaver has also become her boyfriend. Video on Instagram In honor of Brandi’s birthday, write “Happy Birthday!” I love you so much & happy we found each other.”

Brandi has many other businesses. Brandi is not only a regular on the podcast. Hammer: Happening NowShe has her own. Find your feet profile. We say to this: To each his own. You gotta love an entrepreneur bad a** boss lady.

Catch the latest episodes of Storage Wars Every Tuesday, at 10:00 pm. EST.

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