What Security Does Meghan and Harry Actually Have?

What Security Does Meghan and Harry Actually Have?

Danger could be lurking around every corner for the average person; now imagine you’re one of the most famous faces in the world, related to the most famous royal people on the planet. That’s a huge target on your back, so we’re not shocked that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle allegedly hired someone from the Department of Homeland Security to be their bodyguard during their visit in New York City, per Daily Mail. Harry and Meghan went to NYC with the Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York Governor, and visited the One World Trade Center 9/11 memorial. Kathy Hochul, and a trip to UN Plaza for a “suspected meeting with US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield.”

Former secret service agent Jonathan Wackrow confirmed that they had protection and told the Daily Mail that “HSI have been brought in to provide supplemental protection.” And despite there being controversy over how Meghan and Harry would be protected after moving to America, some sort of high-level security is clearly necessary. 

“If something were to happen in New York, and the government were not extending protection to the Duke and Duchess, that would be a major diplomatic incident,” Wackrow spoke to the Daily Mail. He added that due to their relations to the British royal family, “it is warranted they receive some level of protection, even if it is taxpayer-funded protection.” However, it is unclear what Harry and Meghan may do about security if they leave America.

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