Ways your mattress is ruining your health 

Do you wake up with a sore body feeling fatigued even when you have had more than 7 hours of sleep, regular exercise, and healthy meals? Check out ways in which your mattress may be ruining your health. 

A good night of sleep is critical for everyone, regardless of age. The quality of sleep you get will depend on multiple external and internal factors. One of the many factors that affect the way you sleep is your immediate sleeping environment. While many people know that the quality of the mattress can affect the quality and quantity of sleep, most will ignore this and end up dealing with the issue anyway.

An old mattress can damage more than just your sleep. It could affect your weight, allergies, pain, and more. 

The following are ways in which your mattress affects the quality of sleep you get.  

They can increase your stress levels and depression. 

Stress is a symptom of many medical, physical and mental issues. Old mattresses can increase your stress levels drastically, which is not so good for your health. Old mattresses have dents, bumps, and uncomfortable stiffness levels that could lead to sore muscles, back pain, and other issues that affect your daily functionality. Poor sleep can affect your mental state greatly. Insomnia and other sleep-related disorders can lead to depression, leading to more stress in the vicious and never-ending cycle. 

Can trigger some allergies :

Ways your mattress is ruining your health 

Old or worn-out mattresses can harbor mites and bedbugs. These insects are known to feed on your dead cells the body sheds while you are on your bed.  Most people are allergic to debugs and mites. Having these parasites is not only irritating to the skin, literally, but could also lead to sleep-related issues like insomnia, stress, and more. 

Dust mites and bedbugs can cause major skin issues like eczema plus respiratory issues like sore throat and damage to the lungs. The irritation to your throat can lead to a lack of sleep, affecting your productivity during the day. Getting allergy-proof sleep covers could help you reduce the outbreaks, but that is just a temporary solution to the issue. 

Lead to chronic back pain 

Aged mattresses have a high chance of causing chronic back pain, soreness, and other physical issues. Your mattress can lead to back pain, which prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. The quality of the mattress when you first buy it is essential. Good quality mattresses may be a little pricier, but they last longer and keep your spine straight for longer when you sleep. Poor quality mattresses will bulge in faster and, therefore, will not provide you with the support you need to keep your spine and back straight during sleep. 

 Promote sleep apnea and snoring 

Ways your mattress is ruining your health 

Old mattresses do not provide you with the back support you need during sleep. They cause relaxed back muscles, which could lead to a closed or tight airway and, in turn, make it difficult for you to breathe while you are sleeping. 

Can lead to weight increase and obesity 

While the effect is not direct, poor quality and old mattresses can lead to uncontrolled weight gain and obesity. Weight gain problems are directly related to faulty eating patterns, which can happen when you are sleeping on an old, uncomfortable mattress. Think of it like this; the old mattress will keep you from sleeping at night, which increases the chances of watching late-night TV and binge eating. An increase in weight can lead to more sleep issues, and the cycle of lack of sleep and weight gain continues. 

Bad quality sleep can impair alertness and creativity. 

When you have poor quality sleep over a long period of time, you find yourself less aware of your surroundings, and this can be potentially dangerous. Bad mattresses can lead to poor quality sleep, leaving you feeling cloudy and lightheaded throughout the day. It takes away multitasking and cognitive abilities, making you lazy and uncomfortable. 

When you are not getting enough sleep, thinking outside the box becomes very difficult. Situations that need creative solutions and original thoughts become more difficult to handle. 

Ways your mattress is ruining your health 

Fixes – here is what you can do to improve the quality of sleep 

You do not have to purchase a new mattress, especially if you spent hundreds of dollars on one recently. There are several things you could do to make your sleep more comfortable at an affordable price. 

Mattress toppers- they work wonders in changing up the quality of sleep you get. Mattress toppers will help you with heat regulation, support issues, and other sleep-related issues. 

Mattress covers- covers are great for people suffering from allergies from their mattresses. There are mattress covers that are waterproof and will not let anything through them create a conducive environment for people with dust and bug allergies. 

 If your mattress has some form of an infestation, then it is time to give it up and purchase a new one for better sleep. 

New pillows – pillows can be used to increase the level of support on the bed. Placing the pillow behind your back will keep you from turning over, and placing one under your back will lift the dip formed on an old mattress and make it more comfortable for you. 

Sleeping in a cooler room with less light, sound, and no distraction can help you sleep better at night but may not have major effects when the main problem is your mattress. Changing the sleeping environment may not necessarily fight the effects you get from sleeping from a bad mattress. Sometimes, you need to purchase a new mattress for quality sleep. Check out mattress depot for a high-quality mattress that will help improve the quality and quantity of sleep you get. 

Final word 

Poor quality sleep is not good for your health. A bad mattress is a major culprit in low-quality sleep and could heath to other major health issues. Good sleep is important for both mental and physical health, which is why you should not think twice when it comes to replacing the mattress.  The cost of purchasing a new mattress is worthwhile because it guarantees healthier life. 

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