How to choose the best Leather Winter Gloves


Leather gloves are more of a style symbol that just a necessity for winters. Bikers have this tendency to invest heavily in selecting the best pair of gloves for them.

This is where we come into play, we will cover each and every aspect related to leather gloves.

Pros of having a pair of leather gloves:

Classic appearance-

you must have noticed biker gangs having gloves of the same symbol erected on each of their gloves and how classy they appear. Each pair of gloves has one thing in common and that is solid appearance.


leather gloves will impart a firm grip to your hands while driving and this is very useful when seen from the safety perspective. They tend to stick to the handle and provide a nice grip to your hands while driving.


this is something for which leather gloves are praised the most. They are made to last for decades. If you have invested in the right pair of gloves you don’t need to care about buying a new one in the near future.


obviously it is the very purpose for which gloves are used, to provide insulation from cold. Leather gloves completely cut off the contact of wind from your hand and keep them insulated.

Finding the best pair of gloves for you:

There is no hard and fast rule to get a nice pair of gloves still these tips will help.

Take precise measurements of your hands.

Each brand or company will have slightly different sizes of gloves available. You can read this post published on thereviewbox about the best winter work gloves to buy.

Hand length.

Measure the length of your palm to the tip of the middle finger and select the gloves accordingly.

Hand circumference.

Also called the girth. Measure it by surrounding a measuring tape around your knuckles.

Finger length.

Each glove is made different, keep the length of your fingers with yourself so that you can compare it with that of the glove before buying it.

Always try to purchase the glove a size bigger than your actual hand size. Because exactly fitting gloves can pose difficulties in wearing them while driving. Also, the fingers might get strained in fitting gloves.

Tips to enhance the life of your leather gloves:

Keep your leather gloves in a leather case or pouch or a leather waterproofing material while they are not in use. Keeping them in a leather case will ensure that your gloves remain in working conditions in the years to come.

Keeping the gloves should be your top priority, as real leather will Detoiriate when exposed to moisture. The leather will lose its shine and flexibility when exposed to moisture.
Still, if they get wet during riding, you might feel them be stiff for a few days. In the days to come the natural oils that your hands produce will make the leather regain its usual shape and flexibility.

Choosing the right pair of gloves might appear to be a difficult task upfront but once you have made a correct choice it will give you ever-increasing benefits in many years of your life to come.


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