Wayne Swinny, a Saliva guitarist, has died at the age of 59 after suffering brain hemorhage while on tour. He was taken to ICU hours before he passed away.

Wayne Swinny was the founding member of the rock band Saliva and the guitarist. He had suffered a brain hemorhage during a tour with the band.

This news is just hours after the band had announced Tuesday that the 59 year-old singer was admitted to the ICU due to a medical emergency.

Saliva guitarist Wayne Swinny has died after suffering a brain hemorrhage


Wayne Swinny, Saliva guitarist, has passed away after experiencing a brain hemorhage.Credit: Getty
Swinny was a founding member of the band


Swinny is a founder member of the groupCredit: Getty

“Our beloved brother Wayne Swinny, was found Tuesday morning in serious medical distress. Paramedics were called,” reads the article Make a statement From the official Facebook Page of the band at that time.

Hours later however, Swinny’s death was announced by the band.

“It’s with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Wayne Swinny,” The post read. “Wayne died this afternoon of a sudden brain hemorhage, while on tour.”

Bobby Amaru from Saliva said, “I’m still not sure what I should think or feel right at the moment,” in an open statement to The U.S. Sun.

My heart breaks for Wayne and his family. His daughter Nikki is my heartfelt sorrow. This girl meant so much to him.

He was an idol onstage, a rock’n’roll star with the best swag of all guitar players. He was an amazing human with zero enemies, a proud father and Ancient Aliens expert. He was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure you had a great time.

Amaru who joined the group in 2011 said that Wayne had given him 12 years of joy on stage and off.

“He was the oldest brother I have ever had. I learned so much from him and we had a f*****g blast together! It will be a memory I’ll cherish for the rest my life.

Wayne, God Bless You! We will definitely meet up again, I’m sure!

Josey Scott described Swinny, the former lead singer of the band from 1996 to his departure in 2011, as his “musical love match.”

Please pray for Scott’s family and his music brothers. Scott’s widow, Kendra Sappington, wrote: “This is a great loss.”

Saliva was on the road with Through Fire and Any Given Sin as part of their Spring Mayhem Tour.

Swinny was quickly taken to hospital. The band had just performed in Nashville on March 20, Tennessee.

It was set to perform in Fort Wayne on March 23.

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