King Charles and the French President will attend the Lavish banquet

A LAVISH banquet, which was originally planned to honor King Charles and Emmanuel Macron at Versailles Palace of Versailles, will be moved due to violence threats.

This event was intended to be the “highlight” of the monarch’s French visit. Protests in protest continue throughout the country.

The event for King Charles III is likely to be moved to the Elysée Palace


The event for King Charles III is likely to be moved to the Elysée PalaceCredit to PA
They were meant to arrive at the Palace of Versailles on Monday evening


They had been meant to arrive at Versailles Palace Monday eveningCredit: Getty
Protestors have been clashing with police for the past week


For the last week, protestors have clashed with policeCredit to AFP
President Macron's decision to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 has sparked waves of protests


Protests erupted after President Macron raised the retirement age to 64 from 62.Credit to AFP

According to an aide of the French President, the risk was too high because there were so many riots.

President Macron’s decision to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 without a parliamentary vote has sparked waves of violence in France with protesters clashing with police for the past week.

According to a presidential source, the dinner planned between Charles III, Emmanuel Macron and his wife, will not take place at Versailles as originally planned.

Organisers “plan to hold it somewhere else,” with the Elysée Palace in central Paris a likely replacement.

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The event at Versailles was meant to be the glittering highlight of the State Visit-Charles’s first as monarch.

They were scheduled to arrive in the historic palace Monday evening with 200 other guests invited by Brigitte Macron, Mr Macron, and Camilla Consort.

The Royal Chapel was the venue for a concert, then the dinner would be served on Duplessis porcelain plates that were made under the reign of Louis XV.

Protestors, including those of the opposition parties, accused Macron of completely missing touch with everyday life.

Trade unionists, as well as other protesters, have already promised to disrupt every event attended by the British Monarch. Versailles would be Number One.

MP Sandrine Rousseau said: “It’s amazing. “We will have Emmanuel Macron the Republican monarch meeting Charles III as people are protesting.

This is a shocking and unbelievable thing. It is a shocking denial of democracy.

“Something is happening in this country – is the priority really to receive Charles III at Versailles?”

Versailles – west of Paris – is where Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, France’s last proper king and queen, lived before being guillotined at the height of the 1789 Revolution.

The palace, which was built by the Sun King, Louis XIV, still represents the fabulous wealth and privilege of France’s pre-revolutionary Royals.

Buckingham Palace sources said that France’s situation is being “monitored” but no immediate plans were made to cancel Sunday’s trip.

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