Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent Makes New Claims About Ex Randall Emmett’s Alleged Cheating

Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent Makes New Claims About Ex Randall Emmett’s Alleged Cheating

Lala Kent and The Irishman producer Randall Emmett ended last October after reports of the latter’s supposed cheating came out. After their split, the Vanderpump Rules alum has taken to hilariously shading her ex online whenever she can get the chance – sometimes with vibrators. But as it turns out, it’s not been just fun and games in the intervening months. The reality star made some new claims about her ex’s alleged cheating – and she doesn’t mince words.

The revelations came as a response on Tina Swithin’s Instagram account. Swithin is a runner “One Mom’s Battle,”Internationally recognized resource for women in difficult relationships and divorces. Randall Emmett was specifically mentioned in her call. One postFor all the rumors about him, we have labelled him as a “narcissist”And the opposite of a “family man.”Lala Kent responded in the comments to share details about Ocean’s father and the time he began cheating on her daughter.

Let’s talk about it. I was pregnant alone for most of the time. I was also single for the first seven months of my daughter’s life. I finally saw the truth behind the mask and realized who he really was. In march 2021, the month that I gave birth, he began a relationship. They ‘traveled’While I was working on my business, he was there with me. I thought he was working, because that’s what he said he was doing.

Reality TV star, who was briefly mentioned in the past that she knew more than the public about her ex-husband’s reported cheating, has not been able to say much. She’s tried to remain empowered for the most part, saying at one point that she would even thank the other women he was seemingly sexually involved with. The problem is that the Vanderpump Rules vet continued in the recent post that the act of leaving her former fiancée was a very serious situation, adding that he “threatened to call the police” if their daughter wasn’t brought back to his house. He felt the same after she had returned. “in control again”She could leave, evidently, for good.

Also, the Instagram account claimed that Randall Emmett had used a picture of his daughter Lala Kent online. “prey”Bravo’s star confirmed the comment by Emmett that Emmett was now dating other women. Along with claiming that Emmett’s supposed new 23-year-old girlfriend was now “basically living”Kent and Kent lived together in their old home.

Sadly this isn’t the most shocking thing I learned. The iceberg is just beginning to crack with women and cheating. Although I was able get out, my daughter is now under the control of a dysfunctional court system. Under a microscope, Narcs thrive. I’m not blind to the reality of what’s going on. It’s so hard to believe that my sweet daughter’s face (a picture I took, and sent to him by way) shows up whenever he does his dirtywork.

Lala Kent is the subject of some criticism Shahs of SunsetStar for telling everyone all about her past flame. Which hasn’t been much of a deterrent, as one can see. Kent spoke out about her plans to talk with her daughter in the near future about these negative stories.

While the exes split time, they are said to have no direct communication about anything except their daughter. Despite the drama, Vanderpump Rules’ ninth season, Lala Kent has been leaning on support from (most of) her castmates in the interim.

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