The University of Idaho Murders are being profiled by a criminal profilor

Many people are curious if the killer of four University of Idaho students is someone they know or a stranger.

Dr. Casey Jordan, one the nation’s best criminal profilers, is looking into who may have claimed the lives of Kaylee Gonnalves, Madison Mogen and Ethan Chapin.

“You could have somebody who is a potential serial killer who has been thinking about doing this for a very long time,”Inside Edition, he shares his story. “If the fantasy was fulfilled, then the fantasy will bloom even larger and very often, we will find a perp who feels compelled to do it again.”

Jordan suggests that there is another possibility, which Jordan believes may be stronger, that the victims were friends with the killer.

“Statistically it is most likely someone from that community, most likely somebody who was in the house before or … invited in those early morning hours, we can’t rule that out,”He said.

It is possible to use a large knife like a Rambo-style, seven-inch-long knife with part of it serrated.

“We can’t rule out that there is a sexual nature to it,”He said. “In criminology we often talk about picquerism … an assailant who is stabbing with a knife in place of sexual activity sometimes because of a lack of ability to perform.”

If this is a serial killer’s work it reminds many people of Ted Bundy.

“Don’t forget, Ted Bundy killed two sorority sisters. He’s very famous for being a serial killer, but he did commit a multicide. We have seen this too with Richard Speck, who killed eight nurses in one night all in their dorm room,”He said. “The idea of campus killings and campus multicides, killing more than one person at once, has happened.”

Jordan claims that if the killer doesn’t get caught, there is a high likelihood that they will murder again.

The 911 call that triggered the investigation was not made by the roommates. They were both uninjured in the attack. Many are now curious who called authorities and how they made the shocking discovery. The two roommates may have been asleep throughout the entire attack, and Jordan says it is completely plausible that they didn’t hear anything.

“It makes sense … the victims were sleeping, caught by surprise… and perhaps the stabbing quieted them instantly,”He said. “So that each one of them didn’t know what happened to the others and the two others woke up at noon and had no idea what had happened.

“I think these roommates are traumatized and had nothing to do with the attack,”He said. “I am very certain that if they had anything to do with it, they would have been called in and arrested by now.”

The attackers did not inflict any injuries on the roommates, who are now cooperating with the investigation.
Jordan believes that the case is likely to prove difficult.

“Mostly because if you don’t catch them within the first 48 hours and they have left town and you don’t have DNA evidence, they could be anywhere at any time thinking about doing it again,”He said.

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