The Road to Recover for a 16-Year Old After Being Stabbing in the Head

The Ohio teenager is recuperating at home, days after he suffered a stab wound to his forehead. He was left with the blade in his head when the handle of the knife broke.

Mikey, a 16-year-old boy, was playing with a close friend when a group attacked them. They were only a couple of feet from his parents. FOX 8 reported.

“It was a nice warm evening, and we were outside trying to get my 3-year-old twins to tire out so they would go to sleep,” Kiara Easley, Hampton’s mother, told FOX 8. “This group of boys who have been bullying my son for years all of sudden came around and attacked him and his friend.”

FOX 8 reports that after an argument, Hampton fled to his house, while the teens all left. She told FOX 8 that when Easley discovered him, there was a bleeding gash in his forehead.

“He took a swing, and I thought I was going to be punched,” Hampton told FOX 8. “I felt pressure on my forehead, and I saw I was bleeding. I thought they hit me with a bottle or a brick or something.”

FOX 8 reported that Hampton went to the hospital and learned there was a knife lodged inside his head. It was four-and half inches long.

Easley stated in a GoFundMe post that doctors didn’t expect Hampton to survive past surgery but the 16-year-old managed to pull through. Easley stated that the doctors are unsure if he’ll make a full recover.

According to the mother, the teenager was an aspiring football player who had hoped to make it to the NFL. However, due to injury, this may not happen.

“This just breaks my heart, because although my baby has a second chance at life, his passion is football,” Easley said. “Next to family, football was his everything, and now he’s feeling lost.”

Sandusky Police told FOX 8 three teens were arrested in connection with the assault and that two of them are now facing charges for attempted murder.

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