Swordsmith Arc: Love and Mist Hashira

Demon Slayer’s third season is about to be released worldwide. Who are Love and Mist Hashira, the new Love and Mist Hashira of The Swordsmith Village Arc.

The Demon Slayer franchise features some incredibly powerful characters, amongst them being the famed Hashira – renowned swordsmen and women who have the strength the defeat even the evilest Upper Rank demons.

The Mugen Train movie introduced the Flame Hashira Rengoku to us, while season 2 was about Sound Hashira Tengen. Fans of the classic series look forward to the premier of season 3. Titled The Swordsmith Village Arc many fans are eager to find out more about the next Hashira.

What are their abilities?

In the Demon Slayer Season 2 finale, who was Hashira?

The Demon Slayer Season 2 Finale ends with a Hashira arriving to insult Lord Tengen’s hilarious wives over losing an eye to the Upper rank. This is ObanaiIguro who uses the Serpent Breathing combat method.

Obanai is the first It appeared Chapter 4 was the first episode of season 3 of the anime. But this was only part of his appearance. His full debut came in chapter 45 of the original manga series, which was adapted in season 1 episode 22 of the anime “Trial by Hashira” when Tanjiro and Nezuko are put on trial at the Demon Slayer headquarters.

Heterochromia is the trait of Serpent Hashira, with his right eye being yellow and his left being blue. To hide the severe wound inflicted upon him by his mother as a child and which saw his mouth mutilated so that it resembled a snake, he also wraps his lower face in bandages.

Obanai is a very harsh individual, who is known to care little for those who do not strictly adhere to the Demon Slayer rules – even after an incredible battle like with Tengen.

Hashira is strong and durable as a Hashira. He has Serpent Breathing which allows him to produce strikes by using strange snake-like turns and twists. Kaburamaru the serpent on Obanai’s shoulders, is extremely intelligent and can understand human emotions. Obanai makes use of Kaburamaru in order to predict enemy movements and to reduce his partial blindness.

In the Japanese dubbing, he is voiced in Japanese by Kenichi Szumura (Zack and Romani Archaman respectively in Final Fantasy) and English by Erik Scott Kimerer (“Teruki and Isidoro in Berserk”) in English.

“I want to die defeating Muzan, and I pray that it will purify my filthy blood. Then, if I am reborn as a human being in a peaceful world without demons, I will tell you of my feelings for you.” – Obanai Iguro, chapter 188.

Mitsurikanroji and The Love Hashira

The next story arc for Demon Slayer season 3 will be titled the “Swordsmith Village Arc” and will feature the Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji and the Mist Hashira Muichiro Tokito.

Mitsuri Kanroji, the Loving someone you love Hashira from the Demon Slayer Corps using the Love Breathing fighting mode. As a Hashira, she is very passionate and emotional. But, when battle starts, her fierce, wild side can be seen.

Mitsuri initially joined Demon Slayer Corps to search for a husband. She soon became depressed and felt guilty about her selfish motives. Thankfully, she was able to move past her own reasons with the help of Shinobu Kocho and Obanai Iguro – with whom she shares a very close bond.

Despite having slender limbs, Mitsuri’s muscles are around eight times the density of normal humans, making her incredibly powerful and durable in combat.

The technique utilizes Mitsuri’s enhanced flexibility and strength, but it’s her special sword that is truly remarkable. Her whip-like Nichirin sword is very long and thin, so difficult to use that only Mitsuri is able to correctly use such a weapon without injuring herself – it even needs to be folded multiple times to be sheathed. This whip-like sword allows Mitsuri to launch powerful, long-range attacks she would not be able to do with other Hashira.

Amazingly, her Final Selection was completed in six months, only six months after she started training. This was considered extraordinary by Rengoku. Actually, the Flame Breathing that she had learned during her time as a Tsugoku (apprentice of Rengoku) was what gave rise to her Love Breathing.

Kana Hanazawa voices Mitsuri in Japan (Ichika and Rika in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, respectively) while Kira Buckland is the English dubbing (2B and Rebecca in Edens Zero).

“Is it okay for a girl to be this strong? I still worry that someone may ask that, as though I’m not human. Fear made it difficult to find my strength. This is no longer the case. Let me handle this. I will protect everyone.” – Mitsuri Kanroji, chapter 124.

The Mist Hashira by MuichiroTokito

Muichiro Tokito is the Mist Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps and is amongst the group’s youngest (and shortest) members.

Muichiro is considered an ‘air-head’, constantly being distracted and tends to only think of himself in logical terms, never truly letting his emotions guide his actions.

Following the loss of his mother and father, he was left with severe memories problems. He was angry at demons and motivated to train. After only two months, he became a Hashira. This is something Gyomei Himejima can only do.

As well as possessing incredible strength and endurance, Muichiro has immense speed and reflexes whilst also possessing ‘Transparent World’ which allows him to see the muscles, blood, and arteries of his opponents.

The young Hashira also has something called ‘Omnipresent Rage’, which is an astonishing build-up of anger that Muichiro has buried deep within himself; juxtaposing his usual ‘air-head’ demeanor.

Mist breathing complements his many personal abilities and skills. His focus is to confuse his adversaries with unique, but fast movements. Actually, his swordsmanship skills rank among the top in the Demon Slayer Corps. Additionally, he can withstand Yoriichi Zero battle robot training.

It’s amazing how funny it is Fandom page notes that Muichiro can’t have a pet like some of the other Hashira, as his Kasugai crow is known to be very jealous.

Kengo Kawanishi voices Muichiro in Japan (Gen in Dr Stone, Mikoshi In Naruto), and Griffin Burns voiced Griffin Burns in English (Tadano from Aggretsuko; Metropolitan from Platinum End).

“Remember that boiling anger. Even though I may lose my memories, I will always remember the boiling anger. It’s why I trained so hard that I vomited blood to destroy demons. And more… to eradicate them!” – Muichiro Tokito, chapter 121.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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