Snacks and meals high in protein for vegetarians. Nutritionist approved

  • You need to eat enough protein if you want muscle building or fat loss, and for your overall health.
  • It can be difficult to get enough protein if your diet doesn’t include meat. However, there are many protein-rich options.
  • Faye Townsend is a registered sports nutritionist and shared her favorite high-protein vegetarian dishes, such as yogurt bark and egg muffins.

Along with carbs and fats, protein is also a macronutrient. A balanced diet is essential for good health. Protein helps you maintain your general well-being.

If you want to lose fat and/or build muscle, consuming enough protein is crucial — the nutrient supports muscle repair after exercise, helps your body hold on to muscle while dropping fat, and keeps you satiated.

Your daily protein needs will vary based on your age, gender and activity level. Protein should account for 10% to 35% in your daily diet. Elizabeth Beil, a registered dietitian nutritionist previously told Insider.

Even though it can be difficult to get a good amount of protein if you don’t eat meat, there are plenty of protein-rich vegetarian options. One egg contains six grams of protein while half a cup cooked lentils has eight grams.

Sport nutritionists who are registered Faye TownsendWith Insider, she shared her top vegetarian snacks and meals that pack a lot of protein. These included egg muffins to flapjacks.

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