Ryanair passenger shows sneaky trick to avoid having to pay for beverages on a plane – not all agree.

A PASSENGER reveals how she avoided having to pay for drinks while on a Ryanair plane – and not everyone is in agreement with her.

Spending money on drinks can prove expensive.

A woman revealed how she avoided paying for water on a Ryanair flight


The woman who avoided paying for the water on her Ryanair flight revealed what she did.
She said she didn't want to pay for an entire bottle


She refused to buy a whole bottle

Rachael, a TikTok customer from Ireland, didn’t wish to pay extra for water on a low-cost airline flight.

She explained it on Her social media: “I was thirsty but I didn’t want to pay €3.00 for water.”

She then recorded herself holding a large plastic cup that had two ice-cubes in.

She then consumed the tiny amount of water created by them.

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In the caption, she added: “No reason why water has to be so costly.”

Rachael, a Daily Dot reporter, said that the water served on Ryanair planes should be complimentary as some passengers suffer from cabin pressure and “motion sickness.”

She said: “They don’t allow us to bring our own liquids on the plane.

The least that they could do was make it available for free, or at a lower price than you’d pay for it in a local store.

Some people on TikTok They also shared some of their favorite hacks that they use to get water for free.

A person said:Next When you tell someone you are feeling sick, they will give you a bottle of water. (Well whenever I get plane sick I ask& always get).”

One person told me: “Always take an empty bottle with you when traveling, as there are usually places where they can be refilled at the airport.”

A third simply said: “A hack we didn’t know we needed.”

Not everyone is convinced.

Someone else commented: “You haven’t hit rock bottom until you’ve had just ice in a cup and let it melt.”

Another agreed: “It’s never that deep just buy the water.”

A third wrote: “Maybe don’t take a flight if you can’t afford 3€ for water.”

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The amount of water you’re supposed to consume on a plane is more than you thought.

These are drinks that should not be ordered on flights.

Instead she said she just asked for a cup with ice


She said that she had asked only for a glass with ice.
Not everyone agreed with the drastic measure


Some people were not in agreement with this drastic measure

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