Ryan Bingham married Anna Axster, his ex-wife for 12 years

Ryan Bingham, a singer from New York recently revealed his love for Yellowstone star Hassie Harrison. We take a look at the singer’s ex-wife Anna Axster and his family amid new romance.

Ryan who plays Walker on Yellowstone and Hassie who stars as Laramie are each other’s love interests on the hit Paramount Network show. Recent revelations by the stars reveal that their romance on screen has turned into a real life one.

Harrie shared a photograph with the singer on April 13th, at 42 years old. In front of an enormous fire, the two kiss and embrace each other. He captioned the image, “More than a spark.”

The Southside of Heaven singer, who is now in public with his romance with Yellowstone star Anna was previously married for twelve years to Anna.

Meet Ryan Bingham’s ex-wife Anna Axster

Ryan’s ex-wife Anna is an entrepreneur who resides in Santa Monica, California. She is a member of Linkedin reveals Lodestar Spirits is her co-founding company.

Prior to joining Axster Co, she was the Talent Manager for Axster Co. Her last position was 12 years.

Anna graduated from the London Film School where she received her MA in Filmmaking. She also got her Bachelor’s in Audio Visual Production from London Metropolitan University.

Ryan sang the praises of Anna, his ex-wife before he got divorced

Ryan and Anna, his ex-wife, have three children together. Extra TV Reports All of their children have Axster as the middle name.

The All Choked Up Again singer too used Anna’s maiden name before the divorce. Ryan Axster Bingham became his married name with Anna.

An Interview with The Great Discontent, he said, “My wife is probably the biggest supporter.”

“It’s cool because my wife really inspires me,” he further shared.

Anna also contributes to music videos and album art, as well as photography. “There’s no one who looks out for my best interest more than she does. It’s great to be able to collaborate with her on that stuff and to work so closely with someone who really understands who I am,” he said.

Ryan, Texas Highways that he “felt whole” and praised his wife and family. “Having children will do that for you.” Bingham said, “When I met my wife we were both vagabonds, just roaming around the country.”

Ryan and Hassie’s age difference

Ryan turns 42 years in 2023. But his co-star, Hassie (his new love), is only 33.

They have an age difference of nine years. They are not as old as many showbiz couple.

Replying to Ryan’s fiery Instagram post, Hassie wrote, “i love you, cowboy.”

Millie Bobby Brown, who was then 14 years old, split with Jacob Sartorius.

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