Red Bull Soapbox Race: Amateur drivers will compete before thousands

Red Bull Soapbox race is expected to attract thousands of spectators to Alexandra Palace, London.

Around 70 amateur drivers and crews were given the task to create their own non-motorized soapboxes for Sunday’s downhill race.

Each soapbox vehicle has its own unique character. Many of the crews were inspired by TV shows or fictional characters from movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters.

Red Bull Soapbox team The Handsome Homers have called their soapbox the Pink Lightening, inspired by the Simpsons.Red Bull Soapbox team The Handsome Homers has given their soapbox the Pink Lightening after The Simpsons (Team Handsome Homers/PA).

The Handsome homers are a team that includes a large doughnut, the Pink Lightening. This soapbox is bright pink and inspired by The Simpsons.

Jack Brown, 23, is the team captain. “We’ve all grown up watching The Simpsons, our costumes are going to be the highlight.

“We’ve found it harder this year than any other year but we’ve found time in the evenings after work to keep chipping away at it.

“I think this year we’ve built something that’s much more sensible than previous years and could potentially get us a win.

“We can’t wait to be back, this is our third year doing the Red Bull Soapbox Race and we’re looking forward to landing ourselves with another huge crash.”

Another team called Team Peanuts have been inspired by the fictional dog Snoopy after being given the idea by the team captain Tim Hartshorne’s 12-year-old son.

Team Peanuts’ soapbox will feature Snoopy’s famous red dog house, with added flames on the side, and the driver will sit on the roof, “just like Snoopy”.

Team Peanuts' soapbox will feature Snoopy's famous red dog house and the driver will sit on the roof, "just like snoopy".Team Peanuts’ soapbox will feature Snoopy’s famous red dog house and the driver will sit on the roof (Team Peanuts/PA)

Each team consists of four people – which includes one driver, one co-driver and four pit crew.

It has been a challenge to build a vehicle from scratch without a motor, but with a functioning steering wheel and brakes.

Melanie Heyworth of the Rookie Duckies said building her team’s soapbox, called Quack-In-A-Box, has given her “many sleepless nights”.

Ms. Heyworth said to PA: “Mainly, and I speak for all the Rookies when I say this, we are feeling relief it’s finally getting to race day.

“We all had many sleepless nights, then one good idea pops up in theory but doesn’t translate to a good idea in practice, then it’s back to the drawing board again.

“The brakes for instance, gave us a few nightmares.

“Most of all we are looking forward to how the old girl performs on the track, and that we’ll finally get to see all the other cool designs in the pits and the clever-clogs behind them.”

Rebel Alliance and their soapbox, Rebel Alliance X Wing.Many crew members were inspired by TV shows they love and characters from movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Ghostbusters (Hayley Caughton/PA).

A Brick Too Far from Cambridge has had an unusual training approach for the big event.

PA: Sam Waite, 28-year-old team captain, spoke out about his experience with PA: “Our preparation has mainly been drinking beers and watching the best crashes we find on YouTube, after all if we’re going out, we’re doing it properly.

“I think overall the team is pretty excited, but the nerves are definitely starting to hit myself and Nirav, our driver.

“On the day we can’t wait to see all the other entries and absolutely smash the course…figuratively or literally waits to be seen.”

Only ticket holders can attend the Alexandra Palace event. However, the race will air on Dave TV in the coming weeks.

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