Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Leave Royal Family over ‘Snub’ By Queen

Many people speculate about the events that led us to this point. Prince Harry Meghan MarkleA new book claims that the royal family has been exiled and the true reason is being revealed by them. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth moved a photo of the couple’s son, Archie, off-camera before her annual holiday broadcast. Harry and Markle ended their relationship with the royals after Markle made this faux pas. 

Queen Removing Picture of Archie In New Books

Brothers and Wives: Inside The Private Lives Of William, Kate, Harry and MeghanThe book will contain a lot more information on the young royals and it will be published this week. According to the book, the queen asked that Archie’s photo be removed from a group of family photos on her desk. 

Sources claim that Queen Elizabeth was the source “looked over the tables where the photographs she had so lovingly selected were arranged. All were fine but one, [the Queen] told the director.”She said that she pointed to Archie’s photograph and that she was pointing out her words. “That one, I suppose we don’t need that one.”

The decision was made after Prince Harry decided to spend Christmas in America, along with Markle, Doria Ragland and Archie. The rest of their family was equally surprised by the discovery. Prince William was stunned to see that the photo was missing. 

According to the source William said to Kate that his brother was coming to be “terribly upset.”A spokesperson for the couple did not respond to questions about the book. The royals of other countries are also remaining silent. The queen’s spokesperson told The Post: “We don’t comment on books of this kind as to do so risks giving it some form of authority or credibility.” The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s representative did not respond to requests for comment. 

Is this really the last straw for Harry and Meghan?

Harry and Markle made their way out of the UK and the royals in less than a month after the 2019 holiday broadcast. It is unlikely that this broadcast was the reason they fled. It was almost certain that the couple had been planning to leave for the US for several months prior to the Christmas broadcast. No matter which pictures were on the queen’s desk, the duke and duchess still likely would have left. 

Additionally, the framed photos on Queen Elizabeth’s desk were carefully chosen, all containing images of future monarchs: Prince Charles, William, and his children, George, Charlotte, and Louis. Archie’s photo wasn’t there, but neither were any of her other children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren. This story, which is about the royal family, seems to be a rumor that will sell books before the holidays.

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