Murder among the Mormons season 2: Release Date, Future of the docuseries, Renewal/Cancelled

America has seen many a significant fraudster that sat down in history for their most nimble minds. But most would pale in comparison to a simple forger who would go to the ends of the earth, however inhumane, to prove a lie that just kept on piling above bodies. ‘Murder among the Mormons’ surrounds the mysterious Salt Lake bombings in 1985, viciously claiming the lives of two.

Showrunners Tyler Measom and Jared Hess, being a part of the Mormon community, took it upon themselves to bring to light the controversy that caused the entanglement between religion and deception, all of which was orchestrated by a madman in the name of Mark Hoffman.

The docuseries surrounds a series of events revealing his attempts at discrediting the Church by providing compelling pieces of evidence, all of which were forged, that erupted chaos within their religion. Even the most controversial ‘Salamander Letter’ of 1985, which twisted the tale of Mormon culture in a Tartarean manner, was explored as a part of the series.

Murder among the Mormons 2

Is it likely to expect a ‘Murder of the Mormons’ season 2?

The docuseries were initially planned to run for six episodes. Netflix was later forced to cut down to a mere three-episode, making it appear as a movie with not much room to showcase the vast number of research sources materials gathered. Despite the hope and expectations looming for a renewal of the project, it is unlikely that the fans will see a follow-up on the infamous Salamander forger.

Though it may seem far-fetched, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if there was an adaptation that circles the many possible falsified documents that could still be in circulation amongst our midst, even up to this day.

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