Mum shares the genius way she stops her children from tantruming without ordering a timeout

MUM claims that “time in corners”The secret to stopping children from throwing tantrums is NOT “time outs”.

Lauren Mejia from TikTok, who posts under @lauren_mejia_, claims that she prefers doing. “gentle parenting”Instead of telling her children off or giving them rules, she spends time with them.

TikTok user Lauren Mejia has banned 'time outs' in her house and has instead made a 'time in' corner


Lauren Mejia from TikTok has made a corner for ‘time in’ and banned ‘timeouts’ in her home.
The quiet corner has pictures to help kids work through their feelings


This quiet corner contains pictures that will help kids process their feelings.

She stated that she has banned “time outs”And instead of making a special, the company has created one “time in”Corner with toys and other items for her children.

Lauren, who has amassed 6.6million likes on her parenting hacks, stated that the quiet spot includes “feeling pictures”Children can use this information to help them identify the emotions they are feeling.

They also have a large fleecy beanbag so they can keep their stuff dry. “cozy soft spot to sit”.

There are books that can help them to relax and calm down when they feel angry.

Lauren includes a wooden box for extra entertainment if they require it. “fidgets, sensory bottles, PlayDoh and mess-free colouring.”


Her “time in”TikTok has seen a lot of interest in corner and many parents have praised the idea. 

One person said: “I wish everyone loved their kids as much as you do.”

An additional: “I started working on a similar space for my daughter and it was really helpful.”

However, one mum wasn’t convinced it would work with her kids, and wrote: “My son would simply throw it all at me.”

Gentle parenting is defined as a style of parenting that encourages children to be open-minded and make choices instead of following rules.

There is a cosy spot for kids to relax in and calm down


The children can find a quiet spot to unwind and relax in this cozy space.
The mum has included books to help them have a quiet moment


The mom has also included books for them to have a peaceful moment.
There are also things to help entertain her kids in the corner


There are many things that can be done to entertain the kids.

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How to calm your child when they are having a tantrum

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