Make your name known ‘Baby Whisperer’ Participates in the 5th Delivery within 5 Years

Long Island cop, New York: A policeman is called the “baby whisperer” Reports indicate that he was able to assist in his fifth delivery of a newborn baby in five years.

Sgt. Jon-Erik Negron 37 of the Suffolk County Police Department was part a team who assisted Owen Anthony Maldonado in the world on Saturday morning when the baby was nearly three weeks earlier than expected. ABC 7 reported.

Police said Maldonado was only 15 minutes old when his mother called 911. The ambulance was dispatched shortly after Maldonado’s birth. Both mother and baby were taken to the hospital. Washington Post reported.

“I just want to thank them so much for showing up as soon as they did and being able to help me, because without them, I would’ve given birth to my baby alone,” According to the mother, her baby was born in Newsday.

Sgt. Negron was joined by officers Zachary Vormittag, Jadin Rodriguez and Conor Deimer, who helped deliver Maldonado in the family house, ABC 7 reported. According to Sgt. Negron’s fellow officers, it was their first time helping to deliver a baby, while for him, it was his fifth.

“As soon as he said she’s starting to push, I said, ‘This sounds like something I’ve heard before,'” Reporters were told by Negron at the press conference that followed the birth.

“I took the approach just like a coach in this situation,” He added. “The first four [deliveries], I was there by myself doing it, like these guys were, so I said, ‘Let me supervise and do what I can.’ “

Negron was a new member of the department and had no children. He helped give birth to his first baby in 2017 after joining. The sergeant was asked to be the godfather of the third child he helped bring into the world, ABC7 reported.

“I thought my childbirth days were over when I became a sergeant this year,” Negron stated, “but I guess the record lives on, so we’ll see how many we can take it to.”

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