Horoscope Today: The Daily Star Sign Guide from Mystic Meg November 30


March 21 to April 20,

Extending a deadline can be the strong action – if you know you can do a better job with more time.

Don’t pay heed to negative voices that always say the opposite to what you think.

You will know how to deal with intense moons that bring you significant people and places into your dreams.

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April 21 through May 21

Even though it seems routine, a meeting can be very meaningful.

Everyone you meet with kindness and curiosity.

The location where luck is found, country music can be heard.

The power of love can transform your life. Not only in how you feel but also in how you show the world who you are.

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Horoscope traits

Horoscope Today: The Daily Star Sign Guide from Mystic Meg November 30

How does your star sign relate to you?

Aries – These are some of the most important and least desirable characteristics for the head of the Zodiac
Aquarius These are the traits that you should know about air signs
Capricorn What does the star sign of your personality mean?
Cancer – This sign is known for their love of food.
Gemini These are the traits you should be looking out for when you see a sign that has a symbol of twins
Leo – Signify which fire signs have the most and least appealing characteristics
Libra The seventh star sign can be interpreted as a symbol of your personality.
Pisces Signs that are interested in arts and culture include the following:
Sagittarius These are the traits that you must know to be a fire sign
Scorpio How does the star sign relate to your personality?
Taurus Signify the best and most undesirable characteristics of the Earth
Virgo – Loyalty, kindness and compassion are key attributes of the sign


Mai 22 – June 21

Mercury and Saturn are a team and it is possible to feel the urge to let go of some oppressive rules.

These are the best ways to find love.

If you’re single, taking a break from an intense dating race can introduce you to someone unlikely, but who you simply can’t ignore.

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June 22-July 22

A work life with an element of travel can be on your horizon – this can start with a love-bond, new or existing.

Spend some time now to consider how far and who you’ll go.

Your heart’s answers may be a surprise.

Monochrome check patterns can act as a luck-link, while word contests may be positive.

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From July 23rd to August 23rd

The strong transformation theme of your chart filters through your day – and as the moon brings inspiration, Saturn supplies the effort you need to make your mark.

Be your authentic self.

Passionate Mars draws you towards an old friend, or partner and makes it possible to see them in a fresh, exciting way.

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From August 24 through September 22

Partnerships don’t need to follow outside rules – together you can create your own.

This will remove all doubt.

Meanwhile, if you’re still looking for love, a job or hobby linked to family histories, can be such a significant clue.

Being the first person in line at work isn’t as important as being there in the right place.

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Love has the ability to transform you, not just in how you feel, but in the way you present yourself to the world


You can be transformed by love, and not only how you feel, it can also transform the way you display yourself to the rest of the world.Credit: Getty


September 23 to Oktober 23

You have a speaking, and perhaps singing, voice that’s ready to take the world by storm.

You can start today with just one special person who’s been waiting to hear words from you.

You can transform your diet or exercise habits by focusing on health issues directly.

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From October 24 through November 22

Money that’s linked to where you live is in the spotlight – as you can see simple ways to maximise home-based cash.

Also say out loud requests you’ve wanted to put to a family for a while.

You can find passion in loyalty.

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A list of 12 stars signs

The traditional dates used by Mystic Meg for each sign are below.


November 23 – December 21

Mind-mapper Mercury is the logical element in your chart – and you have steadfast Saturn on hand to help you see through any plans.

It’s important to come up with some actual ideas, instead of vague hopes.

As for love, when someone writes, or says, your name in a unique way, it’s a strong attraction signal.

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December 22 to January 20,

Today’s moon and sun could clash over your words and your meanings. Be clear with your boss and your partner before sharing your thoughts.

While cash can be found in the South, love is possible to come from North.

It is possible to be fortunate if you and a partner have a new relationship.

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What do the signs have in store for you today?


You don’t know what signs could have in store today, but they do offer some clues.


Between January 21 and February 18

Money and friends may not be a great mix – resist any urge to take over a spending situation, or lend or borrow cash.

Sometimes, it is enough to give things time.

Passion is so familiar, yet also so intriguing – let your curiosity lead you.

Your link to luck can come early morning numbers

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Between February 19 and March 20

A favourite ambition has not gone away – it’s just waiting for the
Just in time to reappearance

Talk about what you want to do with your life, and not what you believe you should be doing.

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In love, rather than ignoring a personal deep need, speak in kind but direct terms.

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