Lily Collins claims she saw Podiatrist Weekly while filming ‘Emily In Paris’

  • Lily Collins stated that she visited a foot doctor every week while filming “Emily in Paris.”
  • According to Netflix, wearing heels on Paris’ cobblestone streets is a good idea. “so painful.”
  • “I just want to go to streets where you can wear flats,”Collins stated on the “Tonight Show.”

Lily Collins claimed she had to go to a foot specialist every week while filming “Emily in Paris”Because of the pain it was to wear heels on cobblestone streets.

You can see her in a YouTube video. “The Tonight Show”Jimmy FallonTuesday: NetflixThe host asked star what she thought of online petitions for Emily to travel around different cities.

The actress at 33, Charlie McDowell, her husband and director, was open to the idea of taking part in the film. “Emily in Paris”International with a particular style condition.

“Honestly, I would go all over the world with it, if I could,”She said. “But the one thing is, like, I just want to go to streets where you can wear flats — because wearing heels, I mean, you wouldn’t think how painful that can be in Paris.”

“I actually literally went to a podiatrist every week to fix my feet because I was wearing heels all the time,” Collins said.

“Because it’s like cobblestones everywhere,”Fallon was quick to respond.

“Everywhere, everywhere,”She added. “I had to have, like, insoles made for every pair of shoes.”

emily in paris emily mindy camille

On season 2, Emily, Mindy, Camille “Emily in Paris.”


Fallon suggested


Collins responded that Emily should only wear sneakers in a season. “Emily in Flats.”

A change to anything other than a heeled shoe would make Emily a very different person. Emily is known for her unique and colorful outfits. Referring to Glamour magazinePatricia Field, the famed costume designer, stated that Emily’s vibrant outfit reflected her bold personality before the second season of the series was released in December 2021.

“The key themes that Emily comes back to is optimism and individuality,”Field stated. “Emily doesn’t follow trends.”

“If I could ascribe a trend to Emily it would be the above plus colorful and accessorized,”Field is also well-known for her costumes “Sex in the City,” added.

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