Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos and their new photo shoot in NYC’s sweltering heat wear heavy wool scarves and trench coats.

KELLY Ripa, husband Mark Consuelos and their daughter have channeled the inner Barbie for a recent photoshoot.

The couple dressed in heavy coats with scarves even though the weather reached 90 degrees during this past week.

Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos filmed in New York City on Monday


Kelly Ripa with husband Mark Consuelos in New York City, MondayWise Owl, The Central Recorder
Kelly echoed Barbie's pink color choice


Kelly’s choice of pink is similar to Barbie’sWise Owl, The Central Recorder
Mark matched in a red sweater


Mark matches in red sweaterWise Owl, The Central Recorder

Mark (52), his wife and the other co-hosts of Live have recently been announced. Ryan Seacrest, who was previously hosting Live, is now preparing to host Wheel of Fortune.

The U.S. Sun was the only publication to have seen them filming outside their ABC Studios, New York City.

It appears that fans will need to wait several more months until the end result is revealed.

Kelly wore a pink dress under pink coat


Kelly wore pink dress and pink coatWise Owl, The Central Recorder

Kelly, 52 years old, wore a full-length pink dress with a vibrant color, underneath a pink coat.

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The look was completed by a pair a sparkling pink shoes and a random scarf with orange and white stripes.

The doll’s blond locks were straight, and fell to her shoulders.

The husband and wife duo waved to fans


Both husband and wife waved at fansWise Owl, The Central Recorder

Mark and Ken mirrored each other in sharp gray pants with a bright red sweater.

The man wore black dress boots and gray coats in several snaps.

The couple were dressed for winter, despite the balmy temperatures


Even though it was a balmy day, the couple dressed appropriately for winter.Wise Owl, The Central Recorder

Mark helped Kelly get out of an SUV in the exclusive video from this shoot.

They then proceeded to walk down the path, as though they were headed for a star-studded occasion.

Michael Gelman was seen behind the drone in a couple of photos.

Despite the ongoing writers and actor strike, SAG actors can still film commercials.

Executive Producer Michael Gelman (black shirt, gray pants) was spotted at th shoot as well


Michael Gelman the executive producer (in black with gray pants and a shirt) has also been spotted on set.Wise Owl, The Central Recorder


Kelly has missed several episodes her talk show, to focus on other careers.

Amid her absence, Kelly urged viewers to tune into the latest installment of her game show Generation Gap on Thursday evening.

She hosts the competition, which features children working with their grandparents to answer questions about pop culture.

Kelly undergoes some hair touch-ups between takes


Kelly’s hair is touched-up between takeWise Owl, The Central Recorder

She shared an image of Joaquin (now 20) with Mark’s father Saul, his grandfather.

This playful picture shows the two posing with grey Gap boxers on top of their heads.

Kelly captioned: “Just an friendly reminder to all that tonight, 8/7c on ABC is a new Generation Gap.

It’s not an ad for Gap, but I think it is.

The TV anchor also shared several clips from the all-new episode on her Instagram Story.


Mark was busy with other projects. On Instagram, he shared a clip from Big RV Remix.

His caption reads: “All of the 10 episodes from our show Big RV Remix can now be streamed on Hulu.”

Mark gulped down water while battling the heat.


Mark was slurping down water as he battled the heat.Wise Owl, The Central Recorder

Big Boi, Janice Faison and their crew remodel RVs in the series for various clients.

Big RV Remix, a remake of the Pimp My Ride classic show, finds the duo reworking everything from motorhomes to sprintervans.

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Milojo Productions is Kelly and Mark’s New York-based company.

Michael, Lola, Joaquin, the names of the children born to the couple, were combined together and given the company’s name.

Kelly and Mark have each announced projects outside of their show


Kelly and Mark both have projects they are working on outside their shows
The couple are also heads of their own production company


They also run their own production firm

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