Kelly Clarkson lashed out at her father-in law Narvel, Brandon Blackstock, and her ex-husband on her talk show.

KELLY CLARKSON has performed a new tune on her television program, which seems to target her ex-husband.

In 2006, Kelly met her now ex-husband Brandon Blackstock during her rehearsals with Rascal Flatts for that year’s Academy of Country Music Awards.

Kelly Clarkson performed her version of Gayle's song 'abcedfu' on her show


Kelly Clarkson performed Gayle’s version of ‘abcedfu’ on her showCredit to The Kelly Clarkson Show
Kelly Clarkson was married to Brandon Blackstock from 2013 to 2020


Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock were married from 2013 to 2020Credit: Getty

Kelly met Brandon in 2013. He had been married to Melissa Ashworth White when he died.

Their relationship was publicized on May 31, 2012 and they were engaged in December 2012.

The Voice judge, seven years after their marriage, filed for divorce in June 2020.

Brandon’s father Narvel blackstock started Starstruck, a recording studio and music-management company in 1988.

Kelly Clarkson warns she’ll spill all on her doomed marriage for new album
The Voice's Kelly Clarkson & Reba McEntire suffer major 'tension'

Narvel married Reba McEntire for 26 years before they divorced.


Although Kelly has been divorced from Brandon for many years, Kelly seems to be far from the end of their troubled relationship.

American Idol’s winner, Kelly Clarkson Show, performed a Gayle cover on the Kelly Clarkson Show.

She performed wellGayle’s most famous lyrics were modified by her to make them more appropriate for her current relationship.

The majority of people read Entertainment.

She sang these lyrics: Forget about your father and forget the fact you only got half of it, and let my broken heart make that art.”

The original lyrics are: “F**k you and your mom and your sister and your job and your broke-ass car and that s**t you call art.”

In order to make lyrics for daytime TV more accessible, she removed all curses.


Kelly’s song was loved by fans who commented on her version. They also appreciated the new lyrics. Kelly transformed the song to suit her story.

One person said, “Live for the lyrics changes!” Kelly Clarkson should have everything!

One wrote, “Kelly sings breakup songs like a pro!” It is ICONIC to change the lyrics in order to sing that bastard!

An additional comment was made: Kelly is throwing Narvel and Brandon off to a serious party. Both sound like grifters but Kelly has NO such nonsense.

Another commentator said: Kelly went to blood for these lyrics rewrites, and she got it. Yes, queen.”

Brandon's father Narvel Blackstock was married to Reba McEntire for 26 years


Brandon’s father NarvelBlackstock married Reba McEntire 26 years agoCredit: Getty
As Kelly performed the song on her show, she changed the lyrics to target her ex-husband


Kelly sang the song live on her TV show. She changed the lyrics to make it more personal against her husband.Credit: Getty
Fans of The Kelly Clarkson show loved the lyric changes and called her a 'queen'


Kelly Clarkson fans loved her lyrics changes, and called her a queen.Credit: Getty

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