Kaitlyn Bristowe reveals her thoughts on The Bachelorette for naming two leads in Season 19.

Kaitlyn Bristowe reveals her thoughts on The Bachelorette for naming two leads in Season 19.

It was a huge surprise for Bachelor Nation when Jesse Palmer announced that both Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey — the runners-up from Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor — would take the reins to lead The BacheloretteIts 19th season. However, it’s likely that nobody in Bachelor Nation had a stronger reaction to the news than Kaitlyn Bristowe, the former Bachelorette who was one half of the franchise’s previous two-Bachelorette disasterBack in Season 11. After the announcement, the alumnus had no problem calling the franchise out.

Much of Clayton Echard’s Season 26 finale Featured “The Rose Ceremony From Hell,”In which the leading man admitted to Rachel Recchia, Gabby Windey and Gabby that he had fallen in love with them both and had slept with them both. He convinced them to stay, but they refused to go. Susie Evans was his only love, who he’d sent home after the controversial Fantasy Suite dates. It was the mutual support Recchia provided Windey that led to the co-lead situation. Kaitlyn Bristowe was upset by the decision, as she told fiancé Jason Tartick in an interview with E! News

I was triggered. Because I was like, Oh, my gosh, can’t every woman have her own season! It felt like Clare. [Crawley]And then she was gone. It was Tayshia. [Adams]. Then it was Katie [Thurston]Michelle, then, back to back [Young]. It’s now the Bachelorettes. I want each person to have their season. I don’t want them competing against each other. I’m not sure how the format will work. Although I don’t know the details of their system, I do know how two Bachelorettes felt. It felt like we were being matched up against each other to see who wins.

To be fair, Kaitlyn Bristowe (and Britt Nilsson) actually exist in all these situations. These were pitted against each other, so there’s no question why that situation hit a little close to home for Bristowe. The men arrived in limos and met the women. However, at the end of that night they had to decide which woman they wanted to marry. Bristowe was chosen by the men, and Nilsson was sent back. 

Jesse Palmer assured the audience that Season 19 would feature both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia for the full season, thus not repeating the obvious Season 11 snafu, but Kaitlyn Bristowe’s comment pointed at just how common it is for The Bachelorettein order to make women share the spotlight. Season 16 saw Clare Crawley leaving the show in an early exit. Now-former fiancée Dale MossThis results in Tayshia Adams will be replacing the injured.For the remainder of the season.

Michelle Young and Katie Thurston got at most their seasons (17/18 respectively), but their seasons were announced simultaneously. Seasons ran back-tobackThey will always be remembered as two distinct parts of the same journey.

What probably didn’t help Kaitlyn Bristowe stomach the recent announcement was that it came at the same time that Jesse Palmer revealed he would be replacing her and Tayshia Adams as hosts of The Bachelorette For the beginning of the new season.

It hasn’t been explained how The BacheloretteThe process will work with two leads but I was hoping for the best. Gabby Windey will win the role, and I would love it if she and Rachel Recchia really could work together rather than against each other — like a Joe Millionairebromance situation! Filming is already underway but the July 11 return will be a long way off. You can check out our interim video. 2022 TV ProgramCheck out the schedule to find out which new and returning series are airing.

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