Jordan Cheyenne Returns to YouTube After Controversy

Jordan Cheyenne Returns to YouTube After Controversy

  • YouTuber Jordan Cheyenne returned to the web with two new videos, five months after he was offline.
  • She was backlash against herself after she told her son to cry and pose for a thumbnail in September.
  • Cheyenne stated that she was “disgusted”By her actions, and will not feature her son anymore in videos

After disappearing for five months, Jordan Cheyenne is back on YouTube. In 2005, her video of her telling her son to take a thumbnail picture went viral.

Cheyenne, a California-based lifestyle YouTuber, has more 530,000 YouTube subscribers. She posts lifestyle, parenting, and fitness videos. After backlash against a video she posted about her sick dog, she removed her channel in September 2021. In it, she could be heard telling her 10-year old son to “act like you’re crying.”

Insider told her that she was at the time “disgusted and horrified”She did what she did and would do it again. “completely offline, canceling all videos and monetization, and prioritizing my child.”

Cheyenne uploaded her first video after the incident on January 25, 2022. It was titled “I was cancelled worldwide & my life changed forever.”

Cheyenne said that during her time offline, she received death threats and her family was harassed and doxxed — a practice that involves publicizing someone’s address online. She provided screenshots of the abusive messages she received.

She also apologized. “her terrible decision”To put the content of her life above the needs and wants of her son. “is not a reflection at all of my deep, deep love for Christian.”

She informed her viewers that she will no longer feature her son on her videos. “be fully present and enjoy the moment” rather than think about the camera, adding that despite knowing she was “coming back to a lot of hate,”She wanted to go back to YouTube, as it was her favorite. “most creative job I’ve ever had,”It would be a disservice for her son if she didn’t do so.

Many viewers were critical of Cheyenne in the comments below the video. Cheyenne was the top comment with 167 likes. “only mad at yourself because people saw it.”Another one, with 147 likes said “I think what you did hurt your son more than anything. I bet many YouTubers are the same with their kids.”

Cheyenne replied to the reply in a pinned observation, saying that she “would like to address some concerns/lies in these comments,”These are linked to A second videoThis entry was published on January 29, entitled, “Chatty GRWM: My breakup, Moving, Meet Rosie, Business updates, Future content plans + more.”

She responded to comments suggesting that she was “acting like a victim,”The situation is dire “affected me very very badly”But she took full responsibility and deleted all comments left by people who contained them. “bullying”Or “untrue”Statements about her

Cheyenne said that she struggled to adapt financially during the five months she was away and had to go through a divorce. She also faced threats to her safety.

Cheyenne stated that she plans to use social media in the future. “in a healthy balanced way”She said that she had deleted any content that was too personal from her channel, but that she kept footage of her son that was filmed in past.

According to social-analytics site Social BladeCheyenne lost over 1,000 YouTube subscribers after uploading her second video.

Insider asked Cheyenne for comment but she didn’t immediately respond.

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