Jimmy Kimmel was fired from his show live?

Jimmy Kimmel Live’s host received shocking news in the most recent episode, but is Jimmy fired?

With the recent news of the termination of Tucker Carlson from Fox News, it’s no surprise many are questioning the state of the comedian’s career.

During one of his shows, Jimmy Kimmel was interrupted by his television sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez, who read out a ‘statement’ from the network, but it wasn’t what it seemed.

Jimmy Kimmel has been fired after Jimmy Kimmel live?

Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t fired by ABC for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

It was a funny joke that the host of a talk show got fired on one episode. Many fans were fooled, though.

Around ten minutes into Jimmy’s monologue, about Tucker Carlson being fired from Fox News, a news graphic came on screen which is when his sidekickGuillermo Rodriguez played.

After the monologue, Jimmy joked: “Well that’s a hell of a way to find out. Could have been worse I could have been traded to the Jets, you know?”

Jimmy Kimmel’s Jimmy Kimmel Joke causes Twitter fall

Many people have gone to social media in order to check the accuracy of the joke. Some Twitter users got the joke quickly while others were convinced that the host of the show was fired.

One user couldn’t believe the news, expressing their shock:

A second user appeared to be dismayed that the parody was only satire.

Some people seem to be completely confused.

We hope we’ve cleared things up!

This show is now two decades old

Jimmy Kimmel Live was launched in 2003 after being selected as the ABC host over other potential candidates.

20 years on and he’s still going strong, despite what Twitter may be thinking right now!

Before landing his own show, Jimmy co-hosted Comedy Central’s The Man show and Win Ben Stein’s money.

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