Jane Birkin’s young photos and quotes are a window into icon’s effortless personality

British singer and fashion icon Jane Birkin’s death has fans looking back at her young photos to reflect on her effortless style and personality.

Singer, model, actress and actor died Sunday, 16th July. Although her cause of death wasn’t immediately revealed, several reports state that she had previously suffered a stroke in 2021. Jane, who was born in England, became a French icon at the age of 20. Jane became well-known in France because of her relationship with Serge Gainsbourg. But her French and global fame is largely due to her musical talent, her fashion sense and her effortless and bold personality. Jane Birkin’s photos from her younger days depict just that!

A look at Jane Birkin’s young photos

The picture below shows the actress at 20 years old. Jane was unlike many other stars her age who were afraid to show skin, both on screen and off. Jane had appeared in Blow Up, a 1966 film with a scene featuring teen girls at age 19, if you look back ten years.

Jane’s tumultuous relationship with Berge lasted 12 years. They were both frequent musicians. Despite their personal relationship ending after over a decade, the pair’s professional partnership continued until Serge’s death in 1991.

Jane and her co-star David Hemmings are pictured below on the controversial set of Blow Up.

Serge and Jane locked in a pose as they danced sensually.

Jane’s hairstyle is effortless and relaxed. She looked effortless and breezy in the hairdo she wore.

Jane Birkin starred with actor Horst Büchholz in 1975.

Jane Birkin’s rare photo with curly curls.

Icon’s most inspiring quotes

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