I’ve gone 100 days without washing my hair with shampoo and people are SHOCKED how it doesn’t look greasy

WASHING and drying your hair is no easy feat, so there’s very little wonder why most of us put it off for as long as we possibly can.

But have you ever wondered how some people can go days, or even a week, without washing while others insist on washing it every single day?

Emma didn't wash her hair for a whopping 100 days


Emma didn’t wash her hair for a whopping 100 daysCredit: @emma__sky/TikTok

Well, one TikTok user has undergone the ultimate test, by not washing her hair for a whopping 100 days.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Emma regularly shared videos to her TikTok account, ‘emma__sky’, showing updates of her unwashed hair.

And the most crazy thing about it?!

Her hair doesn’t even look greasy.

In fact, it actually looks really nice and her curls have stayed looking perfect.

She showed what her hair looked like on day 1 and then day 100 and there isn’t even that much difference.

Her gorgeous curls have stayed intact and her hair doesn’t seem to be greasy or messy at all.

She said: “Seeing how long I can go without washing my hair.

“Day 100!!! AHH thank you all so much, we made it!!!

“Thank you all SO MUCH! This has been the craziest thing, and you have all made it so fun.

“Never in a thousand years did I expect 1.4 million people to see that silly first video I posted.

“I had 20 followers when this started, and now there are 20 thousand of you.

“I love you all.”


Clearly many were invested in Emma’s hair journey as her finale video was viewed a whopping 1.2milion times.

It has racked up a whopping 164k likes and 581 comments.

One person said: “I have straight hair…my hair is literally greasy in a day.”

Another added: “How did you keep it so curly and nice looking? Mine gets so matted and frizzy.”

A third commented: “I wouldn’t make it a day without being extremely greasy.”

Her hair didn't even look greasy by day 100


Her hair didn’t even look greasy by day 100Credit: @emma__sky/TikTok

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