Is Isa Still dating Devin?

Prisoner of love It has been an exciting ride for the few couples that have been featured. Chelsea Holmes, the main star and matchmaker, has already seen two men since the series began. Viewers want to know if any couples will endure to the end. Devin and Isa have an interesting love story. Is it possible that they stayed together, or did Devin have too many red flags to end the relationship?

Is Isa Still dating Devin?

Isa and Her Prisoner of love

Prisoner of love Chelsea and her inmate matchmaking services are what the story revolves around. She basically connects with prisoners and matches them up with people from the outside. She even found love for herself. Isa and Devin are one of her clients. Isa is currently attending college, while Devin is on a four-year sentence. Although she is sceptical about her inmate, she can’t help but feel strongly about him.

Isa spoke with his mother, who also shared her concerns. Devin is known for his good nature but can also be a bad boy. His mother is not happy for him to play Isa and also abuse her. Although it was interesting, Devin started to ask for money. Even Chelsea recognized this was wrong.

Is Isa Still dating Devin?

Isa inquired about the purpose of the money and was told that it was for his basic needs and his health. He was able to send her some money and she agreed. It’s still difficult and not many people can make it work. Did they part ways or stayed together?

What’s next?

Unfortunately, the couple has split. Devin was released on June 1, 2012. He has not made it a secret that he is now single. According to a Facebook post, he seems to like it that way. “Just for the record I’m single just not looking,” He shared. His goal is to have a baby next year since he would like to do it at 26.

Devin also found a steady job and is determined to live a straight-and-narrow life. Maybe that is what he is doing for the better. Isa could not be found on social networks. There are still episodes of the series to view so viewers can see where their relationship went wrong. They could have a very simple problem and decided to stay friends.

Is Isa Still dating Devin?

Is it possible that you were surprised by the split between Devin and Isa? Comment below.

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