I’m a flight attendant – I always do the same thing when I go into a hotel room… and everyone’s saying the same thing

Flight attendants have revealed their one habit when they stay in hotel rooms. And everyone agrees.

Esther Sturrus is a 22-year-old flight attendant who has worked for TUI as well as KLM since 2019.

Esther Sturrus revealed that she always checks for hidden cameras when staying in hotels


Esther Sturrus claims that she is always on the lookout for hidden cameras while staying at hotelsCredit: Jam Press/@esthersturrus
She has been a flight attendant since 2019 and has worked for TUI and KLM.


She is a flight attendent since 2019.Credit: Jam Press/@esthersturrus

Esther is often found checking in to hotels all over the world because travel is a major part of her work.

But to ensure her safety, there’s one thing she always does – check her room for hidden cameras.

Esther revealed how to thoroughly check her bedroom in a TikTok video that has been viewed 3.7 millions times and liked 480,000 times.

She captioned the video: “What I first do when I come into my hotel room now: check for hidden cameras.”

The video shows her checking mirrors by pressing them to see what appears or looking for bends.

Esther uses her mobile torch to check the edge of the alarm panel and the shower.

The woman also searched the entire room, including her television and drawers.

Many viewers left their comments and reactions in the comment section.

One commented: “Turn the lights off and point a flashlight at the clock to see cameras too.”

Another suggested: “Try looking in the vents.”

A third said: “Great tip wow!”

“Imma need this when I go on my trip, appreciate it,” said someone else.

“Trust issues,” added one more.

“Shine your phone on the pictures,” advised a fourth.

“Check under the bed, one of my cousins flight attendant friends found a dead body underneath,” added a fifth.

Esther is lucky to have never discovered a hidden camera. She continues looking just in case.

“Fortunately, KLM also arranges very good hotels for its staff, so I don’t think it is very common,” Esther, from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, said.

“I saw quite often on TikTok that people found hidden cameras.

“It was often in Airbnbs, or somewhat ‘worse’ hotels.

“I thought it would be fun to also make content about this and make people aware that this can happen.

“The main downside of spy cameras has to be the fact that they invade the privacy of our rooms and it becomes very unpleasant to do even the simple things in the comfort of our rooms.

“Another big con is the fact that wireless signals can be intercepted and there is no legal protection to prevent this from taking place.

“While it is very unlikely that you truly have anything to worry about when it comes to hidden cameras, you can always do your own inspection for peace of mind.”

Esther also shared other places she checks the most which include alarm clocks and clock radio’s, smoke detectors, lamps and lights, mirrors and thermostats.

Esther shared with her audience not only the existence of hotel room cameras, but also what it’s like to eat and sleep as a flight attendant.

She added: “We eat the exact same food and drink as passengers at times! There may be some left.

“I also usually pack light snacks like hummus and apples, but the most important thing is to drink a lot of water to keep hydrated.

“Also a good thing is that not many people know that we sleep on board.

“On all long haul flights, cabin crew and pilots will take a break.

“There is a crew rest area for us above the luggage compartments which is just a flat bed with a pillow and curtain.

“It’s not all that glamorous, but we love it!”

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She shared her travel tips on TikTok.Credit: Jam Press/@esthersturrus

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