I’m 130 pounds but my thighs are so powerful they could crack open watermelons.

A 130-pound woman has proudly revealed that she loves her “thunder thighs.”

These are the most prominent features of her work and they dominate all her social media posts.

TikTok user Tiara is proud of her thunder thighs


Tiara, a TikTok User is very proud of her Thunder thighsCredit: TikTok/tiaratheeprincess
She said she could crush a watermelon with them


She claimed she could smash a watermelon using themCredit: TikTok/tiaratheeprincess

She thought they were strong enough to crack open an apple.

One admirer was so moved by her that he called her “goddess.”

Tiara (tiaratheeprincess() is a TikTok star.

She had over 80,000 fans and 631,000 other likes at the time of her last count.

It’s clear that this woman is confident and loves her shape. Thunder thighs included.

This is what you should do. VideoShe was once more focused on them.

She was wearing all black with a pair cute slippers.

She was small in stature and had a tiny waist. However, her super-toned upper leg area did not match.

“When I told him I weigh 130 pounds but in reality, these thunder thighs can crack open a watermelon,” she said.

She didn’t say which kind of watermelon was meant.

Over 181,000 people have liked her post and there are hundreds of comments.

Many people seemed eager to crush others.

“Sounds good. I’m willing to take the chance,” said one person typical of several others.

“So beautiful. One fan wrote, “Love it!”

The final comment was in awe: “Absolutely amazing,” they said.

One fan was moved to call her a 'goddess'


A fan called her a goddessCredit: TikTok/tiaratheeprincess

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