I make my 7-year-old son pay rent and bills

A MUM has revealed that she makes her seven-year-old son pay rent and bills to teach him the value of money – but not everyone supports the idea.

The Florida-based mum, who uploads videos to her TikTok account @craftedandcozy, said her son has daily chores he has to complete to earn his pocket money. 

A TikTok mum has shared her controversial parenting hack


A TikTok mum has shared her controversial parenting hackCredit: craftedandcozy/TikTok

She said she hopes that the parenting hack helps her son learn the value of a dollar.

“I have a seven-year-old. He has a daily task list that he must complete on a daily basis. Should he complete everything on his task list he gets a dollar per day,” She elaborated.

“At the end the month, he realizes that he still has bills to pay. He sends me the bills.


“He has rent, he has electricity for his room and he also has internet for his iPad. He then understands that throughout the month he has two buckets. He has his fun money and his bill money.”

The mother went on to explain that it is then his responsibility to determine which bucket he is going to put his money in before the end of the month.

“I don’t do anything with his money except for put it right back in his savings account. It has taught him the value of a dollar and responsibility,” She said.

“I am so pleased with the results, hopefully it’s something that can help you out as well.”

The video has been viewed more than 2.7 million times, and 10k people have commented on it. There was some debate about whether or not this method was good. 

“Okay but he’s seven. Why not just let him be a kid and then do this when he’s a teenager or something,” One person wrote.

“Kids should be kids. They can worry about bills when they’re older,” Another person agreed.

“I get it. It teaches them the value of money and hard work. You also put it in savings so he gets it in the end instead of blowing it on candy etc,” A third person added their comment.

A fourth person added: “I can see both sides of this, although it might not work for everyone it works for her. I guess it just depends on the kid.”

Viewers are divided over the parenting method


Viewers are divided over the parenting methodCredit: craftedandcozy/TikTok

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