Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth Says NO to Prince Charles Big Plans to Give Buckingham Palace a Makeover.

Queen ElizabethBritish royal family reveals that the speculation mill is rife with gossip that Prince Charles has big, big plans to give Buckingham Palace a makeover. What’s the scoop on his rumored plans to turn Buckingham Palace into a museum.

For one thing, it’s being claimed that this reported rumor is giving his mum Queen Elizabeth fits. Let’s take a deeper dive into what is going on with this story.

Is the Palace a Museum?

Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth Says NO to Prince Charles Big Plans to Give Buckingham Palace a Makeover.

Okay! reports that Prince Charles is planning for his day in the sun by pondering how he can eliminate the number of senior royals on the payroll. Never a bad economist! He’s also supposedly considering that to do with the very old and very expensive Buckingham Palace. He could make it a moneymaker, not a money-sucker. That’s the ticket!

Prince Charles reportedly wants to transform the palace into a museum but his mother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, apparently does not see the harm in that. This would be a huge and significant change, and tradition is the foundation of the monarchy.

Charles will get his way

According to the queen, the family should retain control of this palace. A change in her position is therefore unlikely. In fact, the palace is undergoing a renovation that should be done by 2027, so what’s the good of a re-do if one cannot enjoy it?

Also, there is no way of knowing when Prince Charles will take over, so to date, his plans are up in the air. Charles is rumored to want the palace to be a public place. One royal insider throws cold water on that saying it will, “not be happening any time soon.”

Will Charles Change Things Up?

Charles will be following his mother to the throne. That is what there is no doubt. She is the UK’s longest-reigning monarch and next year’s grand celebrations will mark her 70th year as queen. A Platinum Jubilee is planned and details indicate that it will be just as extravagant as the name. Parades will be held, as well as a bank holiday and special equestrian shows. Charles will not be able to visit the museum.

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