How much Beyonce’s 2023 Europe tour tickets cost and where to buy

Beyonce’s Renaissance 2023 Tour has begun in Europe and the fans eagerly await the chance to see her perform. Here’s a look at the prices.

Renaissance is Beyonce‘s first solo tour in seven years. The singer kicked off her European tour on May 10 with a spectacular concert in Stockholm.

Beyonce’s fans were recently pranked by Usher during his performance at the Dreamville festival. The singer said, “Without further ado, put your hands together for the one and only Beyonce,” during his set at the festival before quickly pointing out it was a prank.

That was not fun for Queen B’s supporters, but with tickets to her Renaissance tour in Europe now out, there’s finally something to cheer about.

Where to buy Beyonce’s Europe tour tickets

Beyonce’s Europe tour tickets are available on Ticketmaster as well as other sites.

While Ticketmaster has a vast collection of the Grammy winner’s tickets, you can also buy them from sites like Viagogo and StubHub.

Prices on these sites vary depending on demand and availability.

How much are Beyonce’s tickets for Europe?

On Ticketmaster, the Renaissance tour tickets start at €142 (£124) and the VIP packages The cost of using this product is: View the full article€884 (£769). Tickets for the show start at PS769.€79.60 (£69.20).

Viagogo tickets can be purchased on the website Priced at £ Tickets on Stubhub start at $53, while the lowest price is only $53. Price: You can save $112.46.

Tickets are going fast, and the prices may change based on availability.

Forbes offers a list of the top 10 tickets that are in high demand. You can estimate the cost by clicking here that Beyonce’s tickets could outsell Taylor Swift‘s Eras’ by $500 million. The outlet estimates that Queen B’s tickets could bring in $2.1 billion from sales, which is $500 million more than Taylor’s $1.6 billion.

Beyonce’s Europe tour dates revealed

European dates:

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