Harry Styles takes a break from gig to reveal his dramatic gender

Harry Styles takes a break from gig to reveal his dramatic gender

If you need assistance for your baby’s gender reveal, Harry Styles is available…

On Wednesday, the star stopped performing at a Nashville, Tennessee gig to make a big announcement.

The sign that said “Mother-to-be” was displayed at the gig by the mother-to be. “I’m having a baby, please make it your business,” which is a play on lyrics from Styles’ song “Kiwi.”

Also, her friend brought a sign that read “My friend” “open the results”.

Styles saw the signs and stopped the show. He opened the results on the stage and teased the audience a few minutes before revealing that Styles was expecting a girl.

[It’s] a little baby girl,” he said, lifting his arms up to the sky and gracefully getting on his knees as the crowd went wild.

“That’s what I wanted! Is that what you wanted?!”The singer asked the fan.

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Below are some reactions to the announcement.

Styles began his tour in Las Vegas, Nevada last month. Styles confirmed that he had rescheduled his US shows in July, after they were cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Styles announced in December 2020 that he would postpone his UK and European leg of the tour “until further notice”.

Styles Are you performing? Songs taken from his 2019 album Fine Line alongside tracks from his 2017 self-titled debut album, and a solo version of One Direction’s hit “What Makes You Beautiful,”You can find out more.

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