Half-naked woman falls off balcony onto car during ‘steamy moment with boyfriend’

Dramatic footage shows a half-naked woman falling from a balcony and onto a car roof with what a witness described as a “loud crash” – luckily surviving her injuries.

The unidentified red-haired woman was allegedly enjoying an intimate moment with her boyfriend when she slipped off the ledge in Taipei, Taiwan on September 5.

CCTV footage shows the woman falling flat on her bottom on top of a black sedan parked in front of an apartment building, leaving a hole in the car’s roof and making the metalwork buckle.

She is wearing only a shirt and knickers while her shorts were left dangling from one leg.

The poor woman appears to be in severe pain and is rubbing her back when a shirtless lad frantically runs to her aide and then gives her a kiss and a cuddle.

The woman landing on a car roof
The woman landed on a car roof

A shocked onlooker told local media: “I was walking home when it happened.

“I did not see her fall but we heard a loud crash and she was already on top of the car.

“A man then came to her and helped her,” they added.

The boyfriend managed to help the lass down from the smashed car roof and took her to a nearby hospital for treatment.

She was reported to have suffered a minor back injury and had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks to heal but she is now in stable condition.

The woman survived but needed treatment at hospital
The poor woman survived but needed treatment at hospital

The couple also had to pay for the damaged car which was owned by a neighbour who lived in the building.

This comes after a separate bizarre incident, this time filmed in Colombia, captured a half-naked man lowering his apparent lover from a balcony moments after his fuming girlfriend stormed the house.

Footage begins with a young woman hammering on the front door of the property and shouting and swearing at him.

A shirtless man then appears on the second-floor balcony before darting back inside as the woman manages to get into the house.

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