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EXCLUSIVEBlu Hunt (The New MutantsReno WilsonGood GirlMaximiliano Hernandez (also known as Maximiliano) and s) are the leadsAvengers: Endgame)Dawnn Lewis (Veronica Mars reboot), Derek Phillips (Blood of Zeus, Courtney Dietz (Beast Beast) and Troy Kotsur (The MandalorianAlso, ) were cast in Fox pilots as series regulars The Last Police an adaptation of Ben Winters’ sci-fi mystery novel The Last Policeman.

Killen wrote and directed the film. The Last Police as an asteroid races toward an apocalyptic collision with Earth, a small-town police detective (Hunt) believes she’s been chosen to save humanity, while her cynical partner (Wilson) can’t decide what he’ll enjoy more: her delusional failure, or the end of the world itself.

Hunt plays Detective MacKenzie Ward. She’s a sharp young police detective who as our story begins has decided to end her life on her own terms rather than wait for the Earth’s annihilation in its impending collision with an asteroid. When her suicide attempt fails, she attributes her survival to being chosen for a special purpose, and going forward she’s a relentless ambassador for optimism and hope in a world with an ever-shorter supply of both.

Wilson plays Detective David Duran. He’s a drinking, smoking, unshaven wreck with a badge who, following a devastating personal tragedy unrelated to the asteroid, views the rest of his days alive as a penance and openly embraces the prospect of the world’s end. When they’re partnered in the pilot, he’s amused by what he considers Mackenzie’s delusions of grandeur, and her positivity only stokes his cynical fatalism.

Lewis portrays Chief Sharon Ward. A counterpoint to the escalating chaos in her city and around the globe, she’s the calm and collected police chief to whom Mackenzie and Duran report, struggling to maintain law and order with only a skeleton staff of remaining officers. Off the clock, she’s contending with complicated questions about her marriage, her religion, and what to prioritize as the end draws near.

Phillips is Detective Reg Butler. Another of Chief Ward’s remaining officers, Butler is looked at somewhat askance by his colleagues thanks to his greater enthusiasm for hobbies like collecting military memorabilia than for diligent police work. In fact, Butler’s assertion of his identity during these last months has resulted in him going nowhere without his prized vintage bayonet.

Hernandez portrays Detective Alvaro Diaz. Diaz, a former Cuban minor-league baseball player who switched to law enforcement after becoming a father, was happy with his family before the news about the asteroid struck. Since that revelation he’s become a mess, openly weeping at his desk and distracted by savoring every moment he has left with the wife and children he loves more than anything.

Dietz will play Beth Hubbard. This striking young uniformed officer catches Mackenzie’s eye at the key crime scene in the pilot. Hubbard is likely to be drawn to Mackenzie’s chemistry and will have to face her family, faith, and identity before it is too late.

Gus Severnson will be played by Kotsur. He’s a deaf, grizzled mountain man living in semi-isolation on the outskirts of the city, where he’s been taking in the many dogs abandoned by their owners for howling nonstop in anticipation of the asteroid. He’s never gotten along with his son-in-law Duran, but he’d like to change that before the end, if only because he knows it’s what his late daughter would have wanted.

Fox Entertainment and 20th Television will produce with Chapter Eleven’s Killen, Scott Pennington, Winters and Anonymous Content exec producing.

Native American actress Hunt’s recent credits incLiceThe New MutantsNetflix SeriesAnother Life and ABC’s Stumptown. She’s next set to star in the film Fathers & ProphetsBased on Dave Eggers novel. A3 Artists Agency is representing Hunt, Luber Roklin Entertainment, and Jackoway Austen Tyerman.

Wilson, known for his role as Officer Carl McMillan on CBS’ Mike and Molly, recently finished production on NBC’s Good Girls, starring opposite Christina Hendricks. On the film side, he’ll be seen in Tyson’s RunReleased in 2022. He’s repped by A3 Artists Agency and Brian Medavoy at MoreMedavoy Management.

Lewis was last seen in Veronica Mars reboot on Hulu and will be returning as Tina Turner’s mother, Zelma, whenTina: Tina Turner MusicalBroadway will see her return later in the year. She is repped by Artists & Representatives.

Phillips will next be seen in this film To LeslieHe currently stars alongside Andrea Riseborough and Allison Janney in the Netflix animated series. Blood of Zeus He’s repped by TalentWorks and Cohn/Torgan Management.

Hernandez’s TV credits include TNT’s The Last Ship, FX’s The Americans, Audience Network’s Mr. Mercedes and Amazon’sHand of GodThese features include Sicario, Avengers: EndgameAndCaptain America: The Winter Soldier. He will soon be seen recurring in CBS’sSEAL Team. He’s repped by Pakula/King & Associates and Vault Entertainment.

Dietz was last seen in Sundance feature Beast BeastAlec Baldwin produced it. Next, she will be seen opposite Pedro Correa in the independent film My Dead Dad. It is scheduled to premiere at Woodstock Film Festival in fall. Dietz is repped by TalentWorks, Atlanta Models & Talent, Stride Management and Hayes Robbins of Goodman, Genow, Schenkman.

Kotsur, who has been deaf since birth was a leader in the 2021 feature CODASundance’s Best Ensemble Cast Award went to this cast. His TV credits include MandalorianHe guest-starred in and choreographed an adaptation form of sign language. He was also a part of the Tony Award-winning Broadway production of Big RiverOn Broadway, and as a nominee for the 2015 LA Drama Critics Circle Award Spring awakening Kostur is repped by Mark Finley, Metric Talent & Literary Management.

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