Fans Upset With Justin Timberlake For ‘Having A Tantrum’ Over Britney Spears Pregnancy

It’s been years since the pair were romantically linked, but Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are still making headlines together. This time, fans are slamming Timberlake for his reaction to the paparazzi talking about Spears’ pregnancy. 

Timberlake’s Reaction To Spears’ Pregnancy News

Spears recently announced that she is expecting a child with her fiancé Sam Asghari. The news comes just months after the pop star revealed that she was forced to have an IUD as part of her conservatorship. 

While many are overjoyed to hear Spears’ news, Timberlake did not seem to be one of them. As he walked into a building, a paparazzo asked him what he thought of the announcement, saying “Britney Spears just announced that she’s pregnant with her third baby…”

Before he could say anything else, Timberlake said, “Stop! Go away!” He then stomped his feet, joking to his friend, “[He] got me stomping my feet.” A video of the interaction has since gone viral, with many of Spears’ fans criticizing Timberlake for his reaction. 

Fan Reactions To The Video

“Not Justin Timberlake throwing a tantrum because Britney is pregnant,” one person tweeted. Another wrote, “Ok so Justin Timberlake wouldn’t stop throwing Britney’s name around during interviews for a whole decade just to trash her but now he is bothered when someone asks him about her? Make it make sense.”

Timberlake’s fans were quick to come to his defense. “If he said something you would say he wanted to promote himself,” one person said. “he doesn’t respond to any paparazzi, and he doesn’t need to have an opinion about anything in Britney’s life, just be happy for her and leave Justin Timberlake alone!!!”

Others have pointed out that Timberlake has a history of snapping at the paparazzi, no matter what they are asking him about. The singer’s reaction seems more likely to be about the paps themselves, and not his ex-girlfriend’s news. 

Spears And Timberlake’s Dating History

Timberlake and Spears met in 1992 while starring in The All-New Mickey Mouse Club together. They began dating in 1999 and even moved in together in 2001. The couple broke up a year later, with Timberlake pointing the finger at Spears. 

The singer made multiple comments that implied Spears had cheated on him and revealed many deeply personal details about the physical nature of their relationship. It’s been years since their relationship fell apart, but Timberlake’s slut-shaming of Spears has become a recent topic of conversation after the famous “Free Britney” movement and the New York Times: Framing Britney Spears documentary. 

Timberlake has been navigating a lot of bad press as his comments from that time have resurfaced and has even made a formal apology to Spears. It seems unlikely that he would have such a negative public reaction to news of her pregnancy, so it’s fair to assume this was just him lashing out at the paparazzi.

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