Caleta Gaming and Paradise Trippies Team Up to Create Crypto Slots Game

Online casino players at can now play Paradise Trippies, a new slot incorporating NFT technology and allowing players to win NFTs in its bonus round. 

Paradise Trippies, a collection of 10,000 digital NFTs, and Caleta Gaming, an online casino game development and design company, have teamed up to create this NFT slot, which happens to be the first game of its kind. Paradise Trippies has provided its library of digital art as gaming assets in the development and design of this slot.

Caleta Gaming and Paradise Trippies Team Up to Create Crypto Slots Game

NFTs are new arrivals into the world of digital tokens, and not many people are aware of them. But the casino gaming industry has already noticed them and incorporated NFT technology into online casino games. 

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. They are unique crypto assets, which often take the form of game elements in eSports and video gaming. Mostly, they assume the form of digital art. 

This collaboration has been supported by Caleta Gaming’s subsidiary, Bitcasino – an operator that exclusively uses cryptocurrency for players’ deposits and withdrawals. The aim of this innovative no slots game is for players to compete for NFT artwork, which could appreciate in value over time. Undoubtedly, this game will be a hit, especially considering the fact that there’s an increasingly high demand for casinos that specialize in bitcoin or altcoin payments, particularly those offering no deposit bonuses.

What Experts Say about the NFT Slot

The name of the new NFT slot is Paradise Trippies. It challenges players to compete for NFT art, whose value will increase in the future.

Caleta Gaming CEO Fabiola Jaeger says that his company intends to invest more in innovation in 2022, and that’s why it is signing strategic partnership deals. According to Jaeger, the partnership among, Paradise Trippies, and Caleta Gaming will lead to the development of several innovative and successful slots. 

Caleta Gaming is a software provider with headquarters in Brazil. The company has developed a library of 90+ online casino games, including lottery games, bingo games, and slots. Paradise Trippies is the first NFT slot in its portfolio. 

Caleta Gaming Product Owner Luis Proenca said that software providers have released a few slots on the NFT theme, but the company wanted to give the crypto community something innovative. So it designed and developed a slot that allows players to win NFTs in its bonus round. Proenca said that the company is excited about the NFT technology and the various possibilities that come with it. 

Paradise Trippies Founder expressed delight at teaming up with Caleta Gaming, which has produced something special. He also said that the company is happy to create a gaming community and an entertainment platform on Paradise Trippies Island. 

Paradise Trippies Slot

The first NFT slot in the Caleta Gaming library offers an RTP of 96%, and you can bet as little as 0.025 mBTC per spin. Paradise Trippies is a high volatility slot, but it comes with opportunities to win prizes in bitcoins and unique NFTs. 

If you are in an adventurous mood, bet up to 2.50 mBTC and win up to 10x your bet amount. The slot has plenty of bonus features that boost your chances of winning. Moreover, it works well on all devices. 

Paradise Trippies has five reels, 243 ways to win, a wild symbol, and a scatter symbol. The bonus symbol is a golden box filled with big prizes and NFTs. Unlock the Mega Trip Bonus to win cash prizes and unique NFTs. Each NFT has a unique design that boosts its value in the crypto world. 

If you are lucky enough to win an NFT, provide your crypto wallet address to the team at You will receive your work of art within 72 hours. You can hang on to your NFT as long as you please and sell it when its value increases. 

To Conclude

If you want to add to an existing collection of NFTs or get your first NFT, Paradise Trippies Slot gives you the opportunity to do so. Play in the real money mode and unlock the bonus round to win something unique and valuable. 

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