Everyone needs to try my lasagne in a mug – I make it in the microwave in minutes, it’s the ultimate lazy dinner

Few of us enjoy spending long hours in the cooking kitchen to prepare a delicious meal after a day at work.

No one more so than Danny who shared his ultimate lazy meal…lasagne served in a cup.

Danny has shared his super quick and easy microwavable lasagne in a mug recipe


Danny shares his easy and super-quick recipe for a lasagne that can be microwaved in a cup.Credit: Tiktok – @dannylovespasta
The ultimate lazy dinner has totally divided opinion online


On the internet, there is a lot of disagreement about what constitutes a lazy dinner.Credit: Tiktok – @dannylovespasta

It takes only a couple of minutes to make this dish in the microwave. Unsurprisingly, it has been causing quite a buzz online.

TikTok has shared a clip.dannylovespastaDanny, a pasta lover, explains that if you are short on time or don’t enjoy cooking you should try the microwavable lasagne in a mug.

You can customize it to your liking and it is made in the microwave.

He continued: “Break the lasagne no-bake noodles into smaller pieces, maybe more gracefully than me.”

Then, layer the sauce, pepperoni and cheese in the mug.

Cover it, otherwise you will have a mess in your microwave. Cook it for seven to ten minutes.”

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It’s good and easy to prepare, he says.

This post is now a viral hit, with 677k online views and multiple comments. You can also find out more about us on our website. Social media users are divided into two groups.

I made microwaved pasta and my New York Italian partner was very upset. This is what I will show him to prove that I am not crazy !!!” “One joked.

Danny replied: “People always get mad about my food, but I say if it tastes good that’s all that matters!”

Second: “I have to do this!

Another third wrote “Thank You”. It is easy to make this. It was delicious.”

Another admitted that if his parents were not around, “I would definitely do this.”

The second quip: “Mug cakes, cookies etc. I have heard about them.” “But MUG LASAGNA?? gotta try it.”

Others were frightened by it.

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A social media user stated that the dish is actually made using ragout, not pepperoni.

One person asked, “Are You Joking Me?”

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