Ed Sheeran and Jordan North prank Greg James with 17-minute Whales in the Dales song

If you’ve ever wished Ed Sheeran’s songs were longer, you’ll be disappointed to hear that the 17-minute-long new song ‘Whales In The Dales’ isn’t in fact real, but a prank creation of BBC Radio 1.

To make Greg James a breakfast presenter, the superstar was joined by Vic Hope and Jordan North, new drivetime presenters.

Ed called the presenter and said that he was desperate for his assistance because his new song would not be released by his record label.

Greg joked: “Right, pesky label!” before asking what the problem was.

Ed replied: “I was wondering, could you just play it on Radio 1 because then you know, it’s just sort of out there?”

Ed Sheeran
Ed was up for a laugh and pranking Greg

Greg started laughing: “I’m worried that if you, as Ed Sheeran, are scared of the label, then I’m worried that I might sort of go to prison or something.”

Realising he’s got his work cut out, dad-of-one Ed decided to turn up the pressure.

“I do know where they’re coming from as well. The song is a little bit out there. Like, it’s not like fully out there…. you’ll get it. You’ll understand.”

Jordan North
Jordan found the whole thing cringeworthy

Greg asked if Pitbull featured on the new track, or if it was similar to any of Ed’s older smash hit songs.

Ed paused before dropping the bombshell: “It’s 17 minutes long. It’s a real artistic statement!” as Greg cried: “No song needs to be 17 minutes long!”

“It is, it’s 17 minutes long. It’s kind of like Bohemian Rhapsody, but with some like whale noises,” laughed Ed.

Vic Hope
Vic struggled for her laughter not to be heard

Presenters Vic and Jordan are seen struggling not to laugh in the background.

Greg speculated that Ed and his fellow musicians were under lockdown.

He insisted “I’ve said this many times, pop stars needed to get out of lockdown quickly, because you’ve all gone in on yourselves.”

Ed added: “In the fourth minute of it, only dogs can hear it. The song’s called The Whales in the Dales, do you want to you want to hear me sing a bit of it?”

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After that, he continues to entertain Greg with whale songs before Jordan comes in to save him.

Fans loved it, and they praised him on Twitter.

“One of the funniest things I’ve heard in a while – don’t you just love Ed Sheeran – he’s hilarious and very convincing… Agree with Jordan it hit awkward cringe at the end” One said it.

greg james
Greg should be used to pranks by now

Another wished the 17-minute song was real: “This sounds like my cup of tea. If a song isn’t at least 17 minutes long I feel the artist is disrespecting their audience. It shows effort. Go long or go home”

One simply said “This is hilarious.”

Fortunately Greg saw the funny side too.

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