Donald Trump Is Moving His Political Headquarters to Another Location

Donald Trump Is Moving His Political Headquarters to Another Location

According to Fox News, Donald Trump is hanging up his keys for Manhattan right now and pulling out his favorite golfing shoes as he is moving both his residence and his political headquarters to Mar-A-Lago in sunny South Florida. He’s been living there ever since his tenure in the White House ended in January. But, now it seems that the move is official. His former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said that Trump would be traveling more often over the next few months and that Palm Beach, Florida would be his home. He said, “You are going to see a complete rush of candidates going to down to the Mar-A-Lago area to do fundraising, to be near the president, to talk to him, to get his advice and counsel.” While Trump hasn’t declared a run for the 2024 presidency himself — yet — he has been holding political rallies and encouraging his supporters to vote in other political elections.

Mar-A-Lago opened in 1985 by Trump. The historic landmark was also called his “winter White House” during his tenure as president, per the Sun Sentinel and also the site of Trump’s nuptials with his wife, Melania Trump in 2005. Oprah, Derek Jeter and even Bill Clinton attended the reception at the luxurious oceanfront estate. Now, as far as who is going to be visiting Mar-A-Lago next remains to be seen, but there’s a very good chance that it won’t be a member of the Clinton family — or anyone else not wanting to see Trump make another move back to D.C.

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