Grieving sisters find dead stranger wearing their mum’s clothes in her coffin

The grieving family of a woman were horrified when they looked in her coffin and discovered the body of a complete stranger dressed in her clothes.

Mary Archer’s two daughters Jennifer and Jennetta asked to view their late mother’s body at Hunter’s Funeral Home in Ahoskie, a small town in Hertford County, North Carolina, the US.

They were stunned to discover a stranger was lying in the coffin instead of their mother. The body of a much smaller woman, “swimming” in their mother’s clothes, was lying in the coffin instead.

“There’s no similarity in the person,” Jennetta Archer told local news network W-AVY.

The substitute body was a much smaller woman than Mary Archer and was 'swimming' in her clothes
The substitute body was a much smaller woman than Mary Archer and was ‘swimming’ in her clothes

“Their size was way off,” she added. “When the first person had the clothing on, she was swimming in the clothing because she was so small compared to my mother.”

Despite the discrepancy, for a while funeral home workers stuck to their guns and insisted that the body in the coffin was Mary Archer.

When the sisters refused to accept the tiny stranger as their mother, funeral home staff checked the facility’s embalming room and discovered Mrs Archer’s body still in there.

A member of staff later confirmed the sisters’ account of the mixup to W-AVY and said that funeral home managers had attempted to reach out to the Archer family to make a proper apology but hadn’t yet spoken to them.

Back in August, Erica Lattimore, the mother of Detroit 20-year-old Timesha Beauchamp, said she was ‘devastated’ to learn that her daughter was still alive when she was placed in a body-bag and sent to the James H Cole Home for Funerals for embalming.

Geoffrey Fieger, an attorney acting for Timesha’s family, says the staff “were about to embalm her which is most frightening had she not had her eyes open”.

He added: “They would have begun draining her blood, to be very, very frank about it.”

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