Doctor’s horror as knife gangs break into hospitals to finish off their stabbing victims

A DOCTOR has revealed the horror of working in hospital as a knife gang broke into wards to try to finish off their stabbing victims.

A junior medical worker described the terror of witnessing a teenage gang trying to enter a London ward and punch staff members to end their victim.

Doctors have revealed how gangs storm into hospitals and 'finish off' their knife victims in London


Doctors have revealed how gangs storm into hospitals and ‘finish off’ their knife victims in LondonCredit: Getty

They said that a “code red” in the hospital means that a stabbing victim has been rushed in – and in London, it’s almost always a teen.

One time, while a boy was getting his stab wounds checked, his attackers rushed to the ward where he was.

Two of his colleagues attempted to stop the gang but were knocked down and attacked.

The knife gang fled the hospital only after security arrived.

Doctors reveal how they must deal with intense work, but also have to contend with violent gangs storming their hospitals wards.

Describing the second time a gang came into the hospital, the anonymous doctor told the Mail: “The injured boy came in on a Saturday morning, when the hospital was quite empty.

“Later that morning, someone on the first level heard shouting and screaming.

“One of my friends was working in a ward adjacent to A&E, and saw a man run up and start banging on the door, closely followed by a group of young men.

The gang had returned and found a target. They were then chasing him down the corridor with knives out.

“All the wards were locked, and the man was trying his best to get away, hammering on all the doors – but no one was opening up. 

“There was blood all over the floors of the corridor when the gang left that Saturday. Their victim, the man who’d been banging on doors, was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit.”

Although some workers felt guilty, most believed that closing the doors to wards was the best thing to do for their safety and the safety of all patients.

Between March 2020 and 2021, England saw 42,549 knife crimes – 10,150 of these were committed in London.

London is home to the lowest knife crime rate in a decade. However, it still has the most knife crime in the country.

Between 2019-2020, there were 4,620 admissions to hospitals for attacks with sharp items. This number increased 54% between April 2017 and July 2018.

Dr. X explained that there will always be injuries in London stabbings, so doctors must split up the victims and send them off to different hospitals.

One injured victim of a stabbing can have up to five exmilitary doctors treating them simultaneously. This puts a strain on NHS resources.

However, they said that gangs are determined in trying to get victims who survived. Some pretending to be their family and creating fake ID badges.

And some don’t even have the goal of killing – instead, they go in for ‘bagging’, which is when they stab the victim in the rectum.

The doctor explained that this results in the victim needing a colostomy bag for the rest of their life – which to the gangs is the “most humiliating punishment.”

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