Doctor Strange 2’s biggest surprise cameo might have leaked

Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of MadnessThe next big MCU movie in Phase 4 is this. This is the best title of the year. That’s what we’ve heard for years. Multiverse of MadnessIt’s a more ambitious movie than Spider-Man, There’s No Way Home. All the Doctor Strange 2Rumours suggest that the story could be much bigger than it appears. No Way Home. Given the multiverse aspect, Doctor Strange 2Phase 4 will have an unquestionable greater impact than the Spider-Man movies. You can also enjoy the amazing Doctor Strange 2Surprise cameos have been featured in numerous leaks since the beginning of 2020. A new series of leaks made things even more interesting this weekend. Multiverse of MadnessCameo leaks

Keep this in mind Below are some possible spoilers.If these leaks are true,

The Doctor Strange 2 surprise cameo

A source said this week that an insider had told him earlier in the week that Doctor Strange 2Includes a surprise appearance that’s “so amazing”It’s because it’s important “fan dream come true.”This cameo is so surprising that it wasn’t in any of the movies. Multiverse of Madness leaks.

You’ve been following? Doctor Strange 2Cameo leaks are a way to find out about every character that has been mentioned. We’ve gathered the latest. Multiverse of MadnessTo give you an idea of what to expect, here are cameo rumors for November, December, and January.

There are a few of these cameos that keep popping up in leaks so don’t be surprised if they do. These are just a few examples.

There are also other X-Men who might appear in the film. Same goes for characters appearing on MCU Phase 4 TV series. These rumors also mention an alternative Iron Man variant, which Tom Cruise is attached to. This would be a surprise cameo. Doctor Strange 2.

Grace Randolph, YouTuber Teased that it’s actually someone else when she mentioned the amazing cameo — the one that has been called a “fan dream come true”. She ClaimTom Cruise is not in this movie. She said that other reporters had discovered the surprise cameo in Doctor Strange 2. The actor’s name will likely leak soon.

Wong in Doctor Strange 2 trailer
Wong (Benedict Wong) in Doctor Strange 2 trailer. Image source: Marvel Studios

Fantastic Four cameos in Doctor Strange 2

Marvel is expected soon to reveal the Fantastic FourJon Watts appears to have cast the next movie. No Way Home. However, a number of Multiverse of MadnessRumours suggest that we will see a Reed Richards version of the superhero in the multiverse. Ioan Gruffudd is likely to appear as Mister Fantastic. He was the Fox original’s superhero. Fantastic FourFilms between 2005 and 2007

It would make an excellent surprise cameo. Doctor Strange 2. . Multiverse of MadnessThe idea is to include other Marvel stories that are not part of MCU. This is similar in concept to Marvel’s integration of the Sony. Spider-ManFilms No Way Home. But Multiverse of MadnessThis has a greater scope than No Way Home.

But, the latest rumor is that it’s the big. Doctor Strange 2Mister Fantastic might be the surprise of the century. It’s not Gruffudd who came up this time.

Fantastic Four teaser from Marvel movies promo clip
Promo clip for Fantastic Four: Marvel movies Image source: Marvel Studios

MCU fans want the actors they love

According to IlluminerdiJohn Krasinski, Marvel’s biggest surprise cameo is Doctor Strange 2. Randolph’s claims were not mentioned on the blog. However, if Krasinski really is playing Reed Richards in Multiverse of MadnessRandolph is right. This is a fan’s dream come true, and a cameo that has never leaked before.

There were rumors that Krasinski and Emily Blunt would play Mister Fantastic or the Invisible Woman in MCU. Although Krasinski appeared excited about the fan casting, Blunt strongly denied all reports.

IlluminerdiAccording to some, they believe Krasinski may be responsible for filming scenes as Mister Fantastic. Doctor Strange 2. This surprise cameo rumor has a twist. Krasinski may be playing Mister Fantastic but not necessarily Reed Richards in MCU.

As we have seen, MCU actors are not always able to play variants from other universes. No Way HomeThis is the latest example, in which we saw three Spider-Man versions. Holland didn’t get to play them all, but Tobey Magnuire and Andrew Garfield reprised their Peter Parker roles. Even though the cameos had been leaked, they were still great surprises for audiences. There is no way home.

John Krasinski playing the role of Mister Fantastic Doctor Strange 2He would achieve the same effect regardless of whether or not Reed Richards will be playing in the MCU going forward.

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