Disney Should Hire Alexandra Daddario Stat. She Looks like a Disney Princess in her Gorgeous Wedding Dress

Disney Should Hire Alexandra Daddario Stat. She Looks like a Disney Princess in her Gorgeous Wedding Dress

Alexandra Daddario has a way of making people swoon with her fashion choices. Whether she’s Plaid twinning with JLoCreativity or being creative You can hide a wardrobe failureThe woman who inspired us all to be like? Living a life without pants is possibleHer regular day performance is impressive, so we shouldn’t be surprised if she does the same on her wedding day. The White Lotus actress married producer Andrew Form In a glamorous affair in New Orleans, LouisianaIt was as if the princess vibes were stronger than anything.

You can see the beautiful photos she shared on Instagram:

Hopefully this princess didn’t have to kiss any frogs in the Big Easy before she found her prince! Alexandra Daddario chose something more suitable for South Louisiana summer than big and pompous. According to actress Alexandra Daddario, the Danielle Frankel design felt right at home in New Orleans. She was right on the mark with the ensemble, particularly with the white parasol made of lace in the photo of wedding party second-lining through French Quarter.

The Scarlet is a dress that retails at $9,990 (per People), is pleated silk wool with lace appliqués, spaghetti straps, and a tulle train. Daddario said that she and Andrew Form were going for a laid-back aesthetic, so she didn’t want anything “too heavy or serious,”She told Vogue. The couple were literally picture perfect, as the groom’s Brunello Cucinelli pinstripe suit was light and regal all at the same time to complement his bride.

Alexandra Daddario shared multiple posts of the wedding festivities, which — along with the second line brass band through the streets of New Orleans — included tarot card readings, dancing, drinking, and cheeseburgers. In addition to their wedding attire, Daddario shared a romantic photo with her husband, in which she’s wearing a gorgeous orange gown (not necessarily an easy color to pull off). This skirt was much longer than her wedding dress. This is so beautiful!

They had originally planned to wed in Italy. But, Alexandra Daddario found a job in New Orleans and the venue was changed to New Orleans. She is Rowan Mayfair is Rowan Mayfair’s star in Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches — an eight-episode series that will air on AMC and be available for streaming to AMC+ subscribers later this year. Based on the bestsellers, the series is set in New York.The Lives of Mayfair WitchesThe book contains three novels as well as some crossovers with Anne Rice’s vampire novels.

While The White LotusHBO is bringing back Season 2 of The Walking Dead to its home. It will be featured in an anthology series. A (mostly) new cast of characters. However, you can rewatch Alexandra Daddario in Season 1 — hopefully her honeymoon with Andrew Form goes better than Rachel and Shane’s did on the show! — which is available to stream with a Subscribe to HBO Max. Also, be sure to check out our 2022 TV scheduleCheck out the streaming and TV listings to find out which new and returning shows will be premiering soon.

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