DGA warns members to stop working with ‘Oak’ film supported by ‘Rust Producers

The Directors Guild of America has directed its members not to work on a film called “Redemption”. “Oak,”Safety concerns were the reason. Thomasville Pictures, one the production companies that worked on the Alec Baldwin film “Rust,”One of the companies supporting the project is  

DGA members were informed on March 15th that anyone working on the low-budget, teenage film was at risk of union discipline. The film is currently being shot in Thomasville, Georgia.  

“Representatives of the DGA informed the producers of specific safety requirements that needed to be satisfied for the film to be covered under a DGA agreement,”A spokesperson for the DGA said that. “The producers failed to meet those conditions.”

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The DGA didn’t provide any details about safety violations. However, THR, which first reported the news, said that there was a disagreement over who would serve as the film’s safety supervisor on set and that the individual was ultimately given the role of a stunt coordinator, a change that was not cleared with the DGA. THR also notes that the film’s director, Shane Drake, had dropped out of the project and was replaced with Kevin Lewis, who is currently listed among the film’s IMDB credits.

Ryan Smith, Thomasville Productions’ representative, said that Thomasville had two projects in Georgia. One of them was called “The Other.” “Sam and Kate”Starring Dustin Hoffman. They are still working together with the DGA.

“On ‘Oak,’ we continue to work hand in hand with IATSE and SAG-AFTRA Safety Committees to ensure a safe working environment for all cast and crew. We look forward to building on these local and national collaborations with all of our guild partners as we continue to produce films in Georgia and elsewhere around the country,”Thomasville spokeswoman Stefan Friedman stated.

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