Chicago Fire Resolved Stella’s Greatest Insecurity about Severide

Chicago Fire Resolved Stella's Greatest Insecurity about Severide

Spoilers ahead: Episode 6 of Chicago FireSeason 11, called “All-Out Mystery.”

Chicago FireDivide the story into three parts In “All-Out Mystery,”With some firefighters, trying to build a relationship Carver, CruzAnd ChloeAdoption is difficult. Javi?, and Stella joining SeverideHe is a great guy. Play “fire cop”Again for OFIWhile SeagerIt was out. Stella may have felt that the episode had resolved her lingering insecurity by the end of the hour. 

Stella and Severide’s journey to true love was not easy. They had to go through a lot before they were able to get a break. Their marriage has been strong, and she is a solid Truck 81 lieutenant. There was just one thing that she hasn’t been the most confident about: Severide’s dynamic with Seager. 

Stella clearly isn’t concerned that her husband would cheat on her with the OFI investigator. She is confident in her abilities and has bonded with Seager during this season. “All-Out Mystery”She suggested that she was still insecure about Severide’s ability to work with the other woman, who seems to have had a thing for him once. Seager being unavailable this week, Severide was willing and able to act as a solo cop before Stella offered to assist him. 

He didn’t seem 100% confident that her skills as a firefighter would translate to pitching in with OFI, but she proved herself and helped crack the case of arson/jewelry theft. They were celebrating their success back at the loft, and Stella teasingly told him to admit that she’s a “better partner than Seager.” Severide started with saying that she’s a “great” partner” then “an amazing” partner” before grinning and telling her that she’s “the best partner.”

Stella was all smiles when Stella responded. “damn right,”It seemed like Seager’s relationship with her was over, and that was the end of any insecurities. Are OFI going after her, trying to recruit her for arson investigation rather than fighting fires? Like they did Severide? It’s unlikely, but she was crucial to the solution of this case and Severide and her were both happy at the end. 

Honestly, it was nice to see Stellaride catch a break with a story that actually had a happy ending by the end of the hour, when they’ve had an extremely rough ride over the past few seasons. After Their honeymoon was destroyed by some very bad people, I’d say that they deserve a lighthearted story or two this season, and it was great to see Stella get a win in helping OFI. 

However, not all stories are created equal. “All-Out Mystery” got a happy ending, as Cruz and Chloe learned that his brother’s old gang ties could prevent them from adopting Javi. They still have a chance to redo their application, but it doesn’t sound like they have much hope of gaining permanent custody, short of cutting all ties with Cruz’s brother. Joe Minoso viewed Some obstacles for Cruz and ChloeLast season was a great success, but who would have known that this story would be so different? 

Check out the next episode of “The Next Episode” to see what happens. Chicago FireWednesdays at 9:59 p.m. ET on NBC. Next day, stream next day with a Peacock Premium subscription. You can also check out the what Hanako GreensmithHad to share Learn more about the changes BrettAnd Violet’s partnershipSeason 11

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